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Keep your dreams in mind

Keep your dreams in mind

By Winfred ParkerPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

In 1978, a young man from Taiwan decided to apply for the Department of Drama and Film at the University of Illinois in the United States. However, his father strongly opposed him, saying that there were only 200 roles a year on Broadway. But there are 5,000 people competing for these few roles. His father's opposition did not stop the young man, he went ahead and boarded the flight to the United States. After the young man graduated from film school, he finally realized what his father had done. Because in the American film industry, a Chinese without any background want to make a name for himself, it is more difficult than heaven! But for his dream, the young man was still patient and helped the crew to take care of equipment, do some editing assistant, drama manager and other chores, and did it for six years. At the age of thirty, his dream career has not even a shadow, let alone established, even his own life is not settled. In the face of harsh reality, the young mind begins to doubt whether he is too ambitious. He even thought about giving up his dream.

However, a great event behind the man must stand a resolute woman, the young wife in his hesitate to progress when lit his dream of passion. From then on, he lived a life of his wife and his wife. He does all the housework at home every day, responsible for shopping, cooking and taking care of the children. In my spare time, I read books, watch movies and write scripts day and night.

Confined in the home day, young people lost again, a man rely on women to support, after all, is very hurt self-esteem.

Finally ONE DAY, the man felt depressed, helplessly from the words, or face the reality!

Later, behind his wife's back, he sadly signed up for a computer course, ready to rely on one skill to support the family, so as to calmly do a mediocre man.

However careful wife still found his state of mind, after several times of each other speechless, finally one day in the morning, the wife boarded the car at work of a moment, sonorous and powerful to throw down a word: "you want to remember your dream forever!"

Suddenly his heart was wrenched, and the lamp of his dream flickered before his eyes again. Within a few years, his script had been funded by the foundation and he was picking up a video camera himself; Later, some films began to win international awards... He is Ang Lee, director of "Push Hand," "The Wedding Banquet," "Eat, Drink, Man, Woman," "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," and "The Incredible Hulk."

As Ang Lee held his Oscar statuette for Best DIRECTOR for 2006's "Brokeback Mountain," he burst into tears as he faced the glittery spotlight. He could not stop feeling excited and said quietly what his wife had once said: "I have always believed that people only need to have one good thing. Your good thing is making movies. So many people learn computer, and not bad you Ang Lee! You want to hold the Oscar statuette, always remember your dream!"

Always remember their dreams, the achievement of Ang Lee's film career brilliant -- happy to hold the Oscar statuette! If Ang Lee had learned computer science and given up his movie dream, I think he would have been overwhelmed by mediocrity like everyone else today. Always remember your dream, in fact, is a good rudder to success, time engraved by the temptation of the outside world, helpless, depressed, distressed: wholeheartedly look at the lamp of the dream, go forward!

In life, everyone has his own dream, the difference is that some people always remember, until success; Some people are spontaneous, followed by secular, mediocrity swallowed. This is probably the key to the dream come true!

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