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It's better to love someone deeply and not contact them frequently

Love will inspire a person's clingy attributes, when thoroughly deep love a person, no matter how cold people, will make some changes.

By zhaoyuPublished 8 months ago 5 min read
It's better to love someone deeply and not contact them frequently
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Love will inspire a person's clingy attributes, when thoroughly deep love a person, no matter how cold people, will make some changes.

When the other side of the heart, the heart is always unconsciously concerned about, wants to know his whereabouts every moment, want to look at him, stick to him, only to meet can calm the deep feeling of the bottom of my heart.

Can not meet in the days, but also through radio waves, in the fingertips filled with miss into text transmission to each other, hundreds, thousands of pages of chat records, full of traces of his love.

The more we love, the more we connect, and the more time and energy we devote to each other are inherent in all of us.

Of course, frequent contact to a certain extent can make the other side feel full of enthusiasm and love, to no longer have concerns, it is easier to accept their own out of a true heart.

On the other hand, it's possible to go to the other end of the spectrum. You can be overly clingy, which may be annoying to the other person and ultimately not conducive to bonding.

We all know that love needs a certain sense of distance and space. Too frequent contact will only suffocate the relationship. The more deeply you love someone, the less frequent contact will make it better.

Appropriate distance, use distance to enhance affection

It is said that "distance produces beauty", and that "small separation wins marriage", distance to a certain extent is to enhance the lubricant of love, and can help keep love fresh.

People who fall into passionate love always put down all their reserves and concerns and are completely pulled by a passion to go crazy into it.

However, it neglects our love and patience are very limited. The more crazy and violent love is at the beginning, the more likely it is to accelerate boredom.

Love needs a layer of hazy beauty, needs to maintain a sense of mystery, the two sides slowly close to each other, slowly open themselves, little by little to peel away from each other, find each other more different places, to get closer.

If they already know you from the beginning, they will lose interest in getting to know you better.

The reason why couples who live under the same roof tend to get bored with each other is because of the lack of beauty generated by distance. It's easy to rekindle the passion of love and see each other in a different light when you're apart.

If you love a person, then don't contact them too often, anyway, the days are long, and not in a hurry, sink to slowly close to each other, don't show an eager psychological.

Can be active, but not excessive, can contact, also want to know the appropriate distance, so that love to maintain a state of relaxation, is undoubtedly the best.

Restrain your love, don't let each other eat you

If you show an eagerness from the beginning and reveal that you want him, then he has already eaten you up to a certain extent.

Although love should not be mixed with too many skills, to use the heart to invest the heart of the skills is often not in conflict, show the heart at the same time, supplemented by skills, so you will be more comfortable in love.

The technique mentioned here is a way to advance and retreat. Especially fierce attack, to a certain extent that affection is reduced, will give a person a kind of unreliable feeling.

Love is sometimes a tug of war, you into me back, two people keep in the same dimension, to be able to make this relationship to maintain balance.

If one partner is too open about their feelings, then naturally the other person will see your enthusiasm and will not be willing to continue to invest.

After all, if a relationship is easy to get, then it is not willing to work hard.

"Can't get in the commotion forever, is favored all have no fear", the more you take a person seriously, the more you will not take you seriously, the more frequently you contact each other, the other will not pay attention to you, he will only think you are too clingy, resulting in the psychological alienation.

The human heart is like this, only restraint can be long, and then love a person, also do not act that he must, do not have the whole heart on him, completely without their circle, which is bound to accelerate his boredom with you.

Don't let him hold your mind, let him wonder about you, appropriately warm, occasionally restrained, can let him keep enough interest in you.

Focusing on yourself and engaging your partner with charm is more effective than being sticky

Love is always attracted to, not rely on a compromise to get, not always around him, he will be on your heart.

Everyone has strong psychology, hope to find a good other half, and hopes that the person they like is sparkling existence.

For example, if you were approached by two men of the opposite sex, one with a pleasant walk and a small degree of success in a certain field, the other one with average ability and qualifications, but with plenty of time to spend with you every day, which one would you choose?

When there is a very excellent people in all aspects of the pursuit of their conditions, I think most people will be a little proud of their heart, after all, can be an excellent person like, prove that they are not bad.

What the opposite sex you are pursuing around you is like can also reflect what you are like from the side, you want to be liked by what kind of people, let yourself become what kind of person to approach each other, can get twice the result with half the effort.

"First love this small matter" inside "ugly duckling" the bright schoolboy that small water likes to go up luminescent is long, pursue ceaselessly toward his footmark all the time, let oneself become very outstanding from inside to outside, became the existence that can be worthy of him, got love successfully finally.

Only by focusing on yourself and making yourself better can you maintain your attraction and keep your partner's heart for a long time, which is more effective than blindly clinging to him.

The best way to love someone deeply is never frequent contact. The more you focus on him, the more likely it is to backfire and make him want to stay away from you.

Try these three methods, which are more effective than frequent contact, and more likely to make the relationship last.


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