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If one day, men dislike you, remember three words, you will win

by zhaoyu 2 months ago in dating
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Two people choose to come together at that moment, are sure that each other is the one they are looking for, determined that two people can go on for a long time, are full of love, and decided to hand in hand with each other for life.

If one day, men dislike you, remember three words, you will win
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Two people choose to come together at that moment, are sure that each other is the one they are looking for, determined that two people can go on for a long time, are full of love, and decided to hand in hand with each other for life.

For the future, we are full of expectations, about the future copy, is also beautiful, think each other will be consistent with their own, even if heard that there are too many imperfect ending in this world, never thought that they will be one of them.

Sometimes we beautify things too much, we think people are too simple, ignoring that the heart will change, and the people around us may also change.

When two lovers are together, no matter how affectionate they are at the beginning, they will not be able to resist the erosion of food, rice, oil, and salt. In the end, we will inevitably become secular and care about everything, and even bring that care into the family, which is reflected in the attitude to the other half.

Some time ago, a reader sent me a private message saying: that my husband hates her a lot now. He either hates her figure or she doesn't make money. He blames himself for being under too much pressure, and she doesn't know how to share it with him.

Think was two people together to discuss her return to the family to take care of the children, but now he has become a drag. Because the figure is out of shape, every day unkempt, he to his own that an abandon.

It seems that this is the situation that many women will face, because of family relations, give up work and return to the family, at the beginning the two people made the decision, but finally, they are rejected.

We can't change the opinions of others. The only thing we can insist on is our attitude. If one day, men dislike you, remember three words, you will win.

Men despise you, but you can't think less of yourself

Many people will build their ego on others, especially many women, they tend to be very concerned about the evaluation of men, and completely build their ego on men.

Will be because of the man's attitude to their own, to affect their recognition, the man praised himself a few words, the heart will add a bit of confidence, the man of their slight dislike, will be self-pity, into the inferiority of the state.

Liu Liqi in the spring is a very good woman, but in her marriage to her husband for a long time PUA, leading to their inferiority, completely sees the light of their own body.

A person's attitude towards you is we can not control, and the key is our recognition of their own, don't because of anyone and affect their confidence.

Men can despise you, but you can't look down on yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. It is not your fault that you are out of shape after having a child. It is not your fault that you have no income after returning to the family for the sake of the child.

Face up to their value in the family, face up to their value, and do not because of anyone's attitude and self-deprecation, this is what every woman in love should have confidence in.

Make yourself as beautiful as possible, not for others, but yourself

Men have a "lustful" side, it is their nature, everyone wants their partner to look good, body so that they can show off their face.

They can't help but compare their partner to other members of the opposite sex, even when they say they like you just the way you are.

Women don't puzzle by the man's sweet words, when a man like you, is any vows of eternal love can say exports, said may also is genuine, but they may all don't know how long he can stick to this commitment, they may not know the original face unexpectedly come so fast.

Once said that no matter whether you become fat or ugly he loves, and then if one day, you become like that, full of disgust will emerge.

Of course, the beauty of a woman should not be evaluated by anyone, beauty can have a variety of faces, if you feel fat is also beautiful, no makeup is also very beautiful, then enjoy yourself.

But if you can't look at yourself in the mirror, then please make a change, learn to wear makeup, start working out, and insist on being beautiful, not for others, but for yourself, you only need to please yourself.

Let oneself at any time have the ability to start again, this is a woman's greatest confidence

We often say that financial independence is a woman's greatest confidence in life, and this will never change at any time.

No matter how rich you marry the man, material conditions how prosperous, have to have their job, a salary, not in money, but their own can support themselves, do not rely on anyone.

No matter how good he is to you, how beautiful he says, do not become a man's pet canary, when you start to reach out to others for life, is already let the relationship imbalance, in front of each other, you will be inferior.

Of course, there is also the situation, like the reader above, because the children have to return to the family, which is a real problem for many women.

In the beginning, the other side is good to you, but after a long time, the other side will not abandon you. Although you made the decision together, your return has the taste of sacrifice, but when you have no financial income, naturally need to see each other's faces.

What we have to do, even in the family, don't forget to improve ourselves, don't disconnect from society, and let ourselves have the ability to return to the workplace at any time, any time to start again, this is your biggest confidence.

Instead of hoping that the other person will not change, let yourself become better, more beautiful, and more powerful, this is fundamental that others do not dare to despise you.

If one day, your partner starts to dislike you, don't cry, don't feel sorry for yourself, don't feel sorry for yourself, this is the most incompetent way to do it.

It's about remembering those three things, and you win.


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