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It Doesn't Matter If A Person Doesn't Like You!

Let Me Tell You Why...

By Hayley DodwellPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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Everyone has someone who doesn't like them, everyone! You know what it is like you hear “Oh, so and so doesn't like you,” and you think to yourself why wouldn't they like me?! I'm great! But that is life, that is the way it goes. There will always be somebody somewhere who doesn't like you and will never like you, even if you are nothing but nice and kind to them. Even if you are the nicest, kindest, genuine, decent, trustworthy, honest person that ever existed. In fact, some people won't like you because you are the nicest, kindest, genuine, decent, trustworthy, honest person that ever existed! It is crazy, right?! But you just simply won't be everyone's cup of tea and that is okay. Not everyone will like you and you cannot possibly like everyone either!

You see it doesn't matter if a person doesn't like you, it really doesn't and here's why…

You need to ask yourself and remember these three points when you hear that a person doesn't like you, okay, as long the person isn't causing harm in any of these three ways;

1) YOU - as long as the person isn't harming you, mentally, physically or emotionally. Or affecting your health.

2) HOME LIFE - as long as the person isn't harming anything to do with your home life, your family or, God forbid, your children.

3) EMPLOYMENT - as long as the person isn't affecting your job or harming income.

THEN it does not matter if they don't like you!

So, if the person who dislikes you is not affecting or harming your life in any of those three areas, then it really does not matter that they dislike you! Wish them well and jolly good luck to them! How powerful you must be that a person chooses to use their time and energy to dislike you!! Come on though, it is kind of immature that a grown adult would make a point of having it known that they dislike you, so just hope that they grow up and stop behaving in such a school playground way! Feel sorry for them!

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Okay, remember the three points, as long as the person is not harming you, your home life or your employment, then the fact that they don't like you doesn't matter one little bit. So what?! Who cares?! Take joy in how powerful you must be! Ha ha!

You don't even need to do anything for a person to choose to dislike you. No, seriously! I mean if you had done something wrong to that person then I suppose you would understand why they didn't like you. But that is not the way it works, some people choose to dislike you for no real reason, they may even hardly know you or may not even bother to really get to know you! So deep down it could be jealousy, unsecurity, unhappiness or depression. Often it is because they wish that they could be more like you!

Show the person the door, heck hold the door open for them! Just because they don't like you, well it means nothing, they have no power whatsoever over you. Let them just get on with it and wish them on their jolly way!

Most important of all NEVER make a person like you or change yourself for a person to like you. Don't act the way they act to fit in with them or change your behaviour in any way, shape or form. Always be yourself and the right people will like you for you. Always be yourself. You are an original, a one off, because you are great!


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Hayley Dodwell

I am a freelance writer. As well as Vocal, I have also written articles for numerous websites, including, Eighties Kids, WhatCulture, Child Of The 1980's, Online Book Club, GoNOMAD Travel, Hubpages, and ScreenHub Entertainment.

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