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Interracial in Las Vegas

by R. L. LASTER 8 months ago in dating

Making Online Connections

Thousands of active men and women in Las Vegas are looking to date someone like you.

Online dating can get you closer to your perfect interracial relationship—especially in Las Vegas. I’m residing in Las Vegas. I’m seeing an astonishing number of interracial lovers on the (famed) Las Vegas Blvd. I’ve never been so optimistic that I’ll find somebody to love for myself. I don’t feel compelled to date someone who ‘looks like me’. In Las Vegas, the possibilities are endless and it’s a breath of fresh air.

Interracial dating helps singles easily find love with the special someone that they've struggled to locate using other dating methods. The world is full of people looking to date interracially. Online dating sites make it simple and effective by helping you connect with singles in your local area—looking for interracial romance. No matter if you’re searching for a hookup, casual or serious relationship, or even marriage, rest assured there are thousands of men and women in Nevada waiting to talk to you and form an interracial partnership. Online dating sites in 2021 are determined to help you find the partner in Las Vegas that you've been waiting your whole life to meet.

Las Vegas has second-highest rate of interracial marriage in United States

Here’s an example of a typical story you’ll run across in Las Vegas.

The woman was raised in Silicon Valley—the black daughter of two well-paid IBM employees. He was a white child who lived with his mother and grandmother in Las Vegas. Despite such different backgrounds, Erica and Kevin felt an immediate connection when a mutual friend introduced them at a Henderson gym.

“We went on a date, and that was it,” said Erica, 39, referring to the couple’s marriage at a Las Vegas Strip resort. “We were really inseparable ever since.”

Erica and Kevin (now living in a southwest Las Vegas Valley suburb) are far from alone in their decision to wed. The Las Vegas metropolitan area has the second-highest rate of interracial marriage among U.S. metro areas.

Almost 1 in 3 newlyweds (here) have a spouse of a different race or ethnicity, according to the analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data from 2014 through 2018. Only the Honolulu metro area ranked higher. I’ve lived in Hawaii for 12 years and I can contest to this. I actually joined the U.S. Army from the Pearl Harbor M.E.P.S. All up and down Waikiki Blvd., you’ll see plenty of multi-racial couples. The majority is made up of Asian-Americans who are coupled with Euro-Americans. But still, it’s refreshing.

“Generally, intermarriage rates tend to be higher in places with more racial and ethnic diversity. Both Honolulu and Las Vegas would fall into that category. The pool of potential spouses is just much more diverse.” – Gretchen Livingston (Pew Senior Researcher)

Indeed, less than half of the 2.3 million people living in the Las Vegas metro area identify as non-Hispanic white.

A Bloomberg analysis of 2016 census data ranked Las Vegas as only the seventh most racially diverse metropolitan area in the U.S. (again: Honolulu came in first.)

Robert Lang, executive director of Brookings Mountain West at UNLV, said the fact that Las Vegas ranks higher in interracial marriage rates could be attributed to the fact it’s less segregated than other metro areas (Houston, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., among them) that Bloomberg ranked as more diverse.

That’s in large part because the Las Vegas Valley’s population did not start to grow rapidly until after Congress passed the Fair Housing Act of 1968, Lang said. Dense development is another contributing factor.

“The more people are in one another’s lives, the lower the barriers for you to do anything together — to go to school together, to work together, to marry each other.” he said.

Babies becoming more diverse

Interracial marriage has become much more common across the nation since 1967, when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down remaining state laws banning it, according to further analysis by Pew Research Center. At that time, the national rate of interracial marriage was fewer than 1 in 30 newlyweds. By 2015, the rate had grown to about 1 in 6.

Henderson resident Christie Faux, a 63-year-old native Filipino, and her white husband, Kurt, 61, have been married long enough to see the trend develop.

The two are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They met while attending Brigham Young University-Hawaii in summer 1980 and married the following June. Having lived in a state where interracial marriage was common, Christie said she didn’t truly realize their marriage was outside the norm until they moved to Kurt’s native Utah so he could attend law school the next year.

During his 10-year high school reunion, a former classmate leaned around Christie to ask if she spoke English. Christie, filled with anger and humiliation, left the party and sat in their car.

“The first thing I wanted to say was ‘I speak three languages. How many languages do you speak?'" she recalled.

The couple has since become part of another growing trend: having multiracial or multiethnic babies. They share four adult children.

When they met in 1980, only 1 in 20 U.S. infants were multiracial or multiethnic, according to Pew. Pew has been busy. By the time their sixth and seventh grandchildren were born in 2015, the ratio was 1 in 7 infants.

Raising children came as another adjustment for Christie, who was raised by nannies and attended the prestigious Philippine Science High School System. Today, she said, she’s proud to have been a stay-at-home mom. She made sure all of her children learned to play two musical instruments and went on to attend graduate school.

Still, there’s a twinge of regret that she never taught her children to speak Tagalog. And while Christie said her grandchildren have sharp Filipino brains, their appearance bears little resemblance to her. [I’m not sure how to receive that statement, but let’s assume she’s not meaning to suggest other ethnicities have incomparable capacities for intellects] Don’t worry Christie. Vocoal.Media still loves you.

“You’re alive to see your race die and your culture die,” she said. “Inside there’s a sadness about losing that. It’s something that you really do sacrifice for the sake of your children because you want them to have a better life.”

[OK. Again, Christie, we can take that so many ways. That may have been stated in a way that sounds unsavory, but we’re going to give Christie a pass. Perhaps (in her culture), there’s an obligation to ‘KEEP THE BLOOD PURE’. We’re not going to use VOCAL.MEDIA to argue the ethics of such ideologies. This is a ‘happy’ article. LOL.

‘Your love is stronger’

Here’s another example.

Kevin, 38, and Erica have two children of their own, 7-year-old Meena and 2-year-old Charlie. Erica said she 'feels blessed that her children are growing up immersed in two cultures instead of one'.

“My kids love country music,” she said, laughing. “They probably wouldn’t have that if they were just rolling in the car with me.”

Most people the family meets are quick to compliment Meena and Charlie’s dark curly hair, but there have been a few stark reminders of discrimination.

During a recent father-son breakfast at a favorite restaurant an elderly white woman cursed at Kevin and Charlie for “mixing races” and refused to eat in the same restaurant. The manager showed the woman the door, but her hateful words still linger in Kevin’s mind.

Still, Erica said there undoubtedly have been far more good times than bad. She believes any adversity the family faces makes them stronger.

“I say ‘don’t care’ about what anyone else thinks. Your love is stronger than anyone else’s opinion,” she said. “Being in an interracial relationship isn’t any different than any other relationship when it comes to love.”

Instant Attraction

Here’s another example. Jennifer (MizzJLynn76), and Jason (CaliJayLuv). He didn’t go out enough to meet anyone in the real world, so he thought it was time he let technology make the assist.

“I wasn’t having any luck finding anyone the conventional way.” she confides.

Both singles say their level of confidence could be best described as ‘not much’. Maybe they should have been more optimistic! One day into Jennifer’s online membership, a message from Jason popped up in her inbox. Her pictures are what caught his eye. She perused his profile right back, and liked it.

His answers to his questions, 'what he was looking for' appealed to Jennifer.

They started chatting and really hit it off.

“He seemed interesting,” says Jennifer. “After we kept learning more about each other, we were ready to meet in person. We met at a restaurant/bar,” remembers Jennifer.

“We also went out to eat and chilled at a wine bar/lounge.”

Jason’s first thought when meeting Jennifer in person was “She’s beautiful!” His future ‘bae’ remembers thinking, 'Wow, he’s tall and handsome!'

The sparks were flying, right out of the gate. It surprised Jennifer how comfortable they were with each other. After that, she says she was “110% sure” they should see each other again. Jason tells us he was ‘positive’ and had ‘no doubt’ that this romance was worth pursuing. Both of them say they fit each other’s type to a T.

So how does it feel to have found someone they vibe with?

“It feels amazing.” Jennifer enthuses.

“I’m finally happy.” says Jason.

Their words of advice for people (without a partner) are simple: "Use online dating. Just do it!”.

Jason nods.

“Do it! You never know who’s out there waiting to be found. And if takes longer than one day, that’s okay.”

From the bottom of my heart (here on VOCAL.MEDIA), I’m wishing Jason and Jennifer the best of life and longevity.

Glad She Gave It One Last Go

Here’s another example. When it came to joining an online dating site, Stephen wasn’t a tough sell.

“I had a previous experience dating online and found it very refreshing,” he says. “…So many opportunities to get to know different people from all over the world! Online sites have good success rates, so I decided to try it. So glad I did!”

Monica, however, hadn’t enjoyed the best of results with Internet personals.

“I’ve tried sites, but with limited success,” she admits. “So I thought I’d give it one last go!”

Stephen says he was 'fairly confident' his goals could be achieved.

“I believe there is someone for everyone, somewhere out there. Patience is a virtue.” he tells us.

Within 60 days or so, these two found each other. Stephen got a Flirt from a mysterious lady who went by “Vibrante” on an online dating site.

“Monica sent me a Flirt,” he recalls. “I was flattered, but expressed my concern at the distance we were apart.”

He did like the person portrayed in her profile, however. ‘Monica was a beautiful woman, genuinely warm and full of intrigue’ Stephen remarks.

Okay, so how many miles separated them? Oh, just six thousand! They couldn’t have been much farther apart if they tried—without someone moving to the moon. Stephen lived in Las Vegas, so we can understand his reluctance to proceed. Still, the guy was here to find interracial romance. He let the conversation flow. That was a fateful decision.

“We chatted, and the rest is history,” Stephen says with a smirk on his face.

What prompted Monica to reach out to someone who lived so far away? It was the quality of his profile that hooked her.

“Steve was honest and humble and handsome.” she observes.

For Monica, the distance didn’t detract from her attraction.

“We got on so well,” she says. “It was never in any doubt.”

Stephen (soon) began making travel arrangements – he was that impressed by the quality of their connection.

“We hit it off very quickly and conversation flowed easily,” he says. “We had so many things in common – as if it was meant to be…”

So he took the plunge and bought that plane ticket. Steve flew 6,000 miles.

“I decided to go and see Monica in her home city.” he says.

The welcome Monica gave him made his long journey worth it.

Meeting him in person, Monica remembers thinking that Stephen was “so handsome”. Both singles were stunned at how relaxed and comfortable they were in each other’s presence, given that they’d never shared the same room before.

“It instantly felt like we should be together.” declares Stephen.

As they got to know each other better, Stephen was struck by his new love’s forthright nature.

“Monica’s very upfront and honest.” he says, admiringly.

Stephen is very much Monica’s type, she reports, adding that their romance is very fulfilling. He announces, ‘I have purpose once again’.

Here are Monica’s words of wisdom for singles seeking a relationship worth spanning the globe for.

“Take time to listen to people,” she suggests. “Don’t be in a rush!”

After four years of trying, Stephen knows how important patience is for single people dating on the Internet. He stresses 'perseverance' and reminds us, “With online dating, the world has become a smaller place – reach out!

Two Great Dates in One Day

Ben will never forget the night he proposed to Priscilla, who is now his wife.

“We went back to the place we had dinner on the first day we met,” he remembers. “After dinner we went outside for what she thought was going to be a stroll around Freemont Street, in downtown Las Vegas. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said YES!”

Let’s rewind, shall we? Before they connected through an online site Priscilla and Ben were unlucky in love, even with the aid of online dating.

“No, this was not my first experience [on a dating site],” Priscilla confirms. “It worked for my lifestyle. I was not confident, though. I was actually giving it one last try before taking a break from dating.”

“Not my first site or online dating experience,” Ben informs states. “I didn’t want to meet people in a bar. But as time went on, I got a lot less confident about finding real love.”

Then Cupid’s arrow was launched, in the form of a fateful Flirt...

“Priscilla sent the first flirt and I took it from there.” recalls Ben.

This was a few months into his online membership and she had been a member for about two months at that point. Priscilla says ‘his smile and that he was physically active’ were the criteria that inspired her to contact him.

“Was Ben my type? Well, that’s a loaded question!”

“I really didn’t think I had a type.” Ben says.

Regardless, the connection was there. What’s funny is that Ben didn’t immediately take Priscilla’s Flirt seriously.

“I actually thought she was a fake profile at first.” he admits, laughing.

But once he confirmed that she was not only an actual person, but an interesting one at that, his curiosity increased.

“The more I learned about her over messaging and phone calls, the more intrigued I became.” Ben explains.

In fact, it was ‘his persistent messaging’ that convinced Priscilla they should meet “for real”. Seeing Ben for the first time that day, she was impressed. ‘A genuine smile, and attentive’ were her initial thoughts. Ben remembers thinking:

“O.M.G.! She is drop-down gorgeous! I hope this works out.”

There was a fly in the ointment, however: Priscilla’s parental responsibilities.

“Running late, I had to go pick up my child, and he was patient waiting for me to return.” she notes.

Doesn’t seem like Ben thought it was a big deal.

“She left, and asked me to wait,” he says. “She said she would be right back. I waited, and she came back!”

Despite the interruption, both singles were so pleased with how the date went that they immediately made plans to meet again… A few hours later!

“We made the second date for later that evening.” Ben says.

“We continued the same night.” Priscilla confesses, smiling.

So their date became a two-part series. Over the course of it, Ben learned much more about Priscilla in person than her profile had even hinted at.

“There was much more than what met the eye,” he declares. “The profile couldn’t show [it all].”

Priscilla felt the same way about Ben’s profile. ‘His genuine personality wasn’t given its due online’. Meeting him has transformed her life for the better.

“I gained my forever ‘plus one’.” Priscilla enthuses.

Ben is thrilled with what his new relationship has wrought.

“I have a whole family now — with the love of my life.” he says.

Priscilla wants online users of dating sites to keep plugging away as she did—even when her hope had faded from a flame to an ember.

“Don’t be discouraged, have an open mind,” she urges readers. “And take the time to message before meeting.”

“She’s out there.” Ben promotes, gladly.

There’s someone for everyone! Just keep trying. I’ve been single for many years. Writing this article has given me a new motivation for trying online dating sites. Technology has given shy people a platform. Refusing to use them is no one’s fought (that you’re still single), but your own. Especially living in Las Vegas.



At the age of 25, I discovered my love of research and the divinity within us. If knowledge precedes empowerment, knowing thyself should be everyone's first priority. Understanding the nature man, woman & their dynamic is gratifying.

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