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In A Perfect World

by Kathy Chaffin Gerstorff 12 months ago in humanity
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No green haze, muses meet, abundance spreads like wildfire

In A Perfect World
Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

I would read and write all day in a perfect world, except when I'm out enjoying nature and living life, so I have something juicy to write about. In a perfect world, my writing would inspire others, help worthy causes, and leave a legacy of passion for the written word.

In a perfect world, I wouldn't have to sell my soul to pay the bills. In a perfect world, I have nothing to lose. Everything I need would appear magically just by pursuing my dreams.

I pretend it's a perfect world, but reality hunts me down like a lion stalking a lamb. I could die a million deaths and would still come back to my muse.

In a perfect world, powerful, life-changing stories flow from me. Readers are super fans. They can’t wait to read my next poem or story because it enables them to live in a perfect world for a moment or a lifetime.

They want to learn my secrets to writing such inspiring poetry and prose. I teach them. Quickly, they learn from me and set out on their own world-changing journey. There is no competition. Abundance spreads like wildfire.

Our perfect world is a peaceful place. We are lovers of animals and mankind of all shapes, sizes, colors, religions, and whatever else separates those asleep in the other worlds. We are one in a perfect world. Love rules.

Suffering, pain, heartache has no place in a perfect world. All the negative energy cannot penetrate the high-frequency vibrations of a perfect world. So, it moves along like a green haze in the stratosphere, looking for a place to land.

Laughter, happiness, joy fills our days. We are cosmic rays of sunshine shining in the promised land. Hand-in-hand we dance through our days reading, writing, listening to music, making art, hugging, kissing. We are free. No one is afraid of anything. Fear is a meaningless word cast off to chase the green haze.

Is it a perfect world, or isn’t it?

My eyes and ears deceive me. Trying to make me believe I do not live in a perfect world. But my soul knows it’s an illusion—the perfect magic trick.

A perfect world is in the making. Oh, if it could be so. I want to believe creating a perfect world is my destiny. Perhaps if I ignore the news, the green haze will stop dive-bombing into my perfect world.

My muse tells me something that may make others think I'm crazy—diving into the deep end of la-la land.

“We can all live in a perfect world. It simply takes vibrating at a higher frequency. Being awake. Robert Morse, Esther Hicks, Rhonda Byrne, and Joe Dispenza are earth angels sent to open the door to a perfect world. A world without the green haze. Listen to them. Learn. Lead the way.”

Do you want to live in a perfect world? Me too! You, me, and our muse. We can do it. Write now!

I started a website called to answer a calling to help heal the world one word at a time. Our first project was the Earth Day Nature Anthology Volume 1 that launched on April 22, 2021. All proceeds are donated to nature conservation projects and environmental awareness programs. The deadline for Volume 2 submissions is 12/31/21.

I have also published three Break The Cycle anthologies to raise awareness of child abuse and help victims heal through writing and poetry. The proceeds from these books are donated to programs that help break the cycle of abuse.

In a perfect world, in the real world, in a green-haze world, my purpose remains the same, to help others heal through writing.

If I won the Memberful Challenge, I would work on the business side of writing, especially marketing. You can write all the books you want, but they fall into the green-haze of illusion if people don’t know about them, .

Either way, I will continue my writing journey and invite others to join me in a perfect world.

Write on!


About the author

Kathy Chaffin Gerstorff

Indie author, poet, creative, spiritual being who loves art, faith, and life in all its various forms.

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