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Importance of Toys in a Kid's Early Development

A kid has the ability to fashion out a toy of anything they see, even when there is no toy available.

By Uncle BerryPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Importance of Toys in a Kid's Early Development
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A child's mental growth is as important as a child's physical growth. Growth is based on the surroundings of a child and the way they are treated. Just as moths are drawn toward a flame, a kid is drawn to a toy. A kid has the ability to fashion out a toy of anything they see, even when there is no toy available. Kids innately know of the things they need or want, and somehow they tend to gravitate in the same direction.

Every child has a fond memory of some toy. Whether it's a remote control car or a plush doll, every toy has its own specific place in the child's heart. A child does expand the horizon of their world full of abstract ideas when they are given a toy to play with. The toys around children enrich their mentality to observe around and act accordingly. Here are some of the ways a toy helps a kid;

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- Cognitive Development

- Motor Skills

- Creativity & Imagination

Each of these skills is important for a child's transition into a stable, active, and mentally strong personality. Here is how each of these skills are developed with the help of a toy.

Cognitive Development

In the early years of life, toys support a child's cognitive development. Toys can boost children's concentration levels to enhance their memory and attention span. Drawing boards, musical instruments, and board games are essential for a child's cognitive development. Their future autonomy depends on the toys. Consider the activities of putting together building blocks, cycling outside, or just solving puzzles.

Toys that can assist in growth encourage cognitive development in children, which is beneficial. The ability of the child to approach languages and math in a fun way is improved by cognitive development during the early years. However, if focused on the future of a kids mental strength, toys that impart a great deal of thinking are a great choice for cognitive development.

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Motor Skills

Toys do nurture the motor skills of a kid, the ability of a toy to engage a kid in physical activity is fathomless. Where sound and colors become the pillars of discovery for kids, using the hands and feet is a motivation. For instance, you would've noticed that a kid muscles their way towards their favorite toy. That shows that toys do engage a kid, to move, crawl or sit.

Although toys help kids discover their ability to stay physically active, it also helps them balance their thoughts. A kid does not have to ride a tricycle all the time for developing motor skills, a color book works wonders as well.

Creativity & Imagination

Inventiveness! An idea that shapes together something unique is what a kid or even an adult needs. Creativity is not taught, it illuminates within a kid or an adult due to their imagination. Despite, being a tough skill, a kid can easily improve their creativity with the help of toys, How? Well, a toy when bought from a toy store has the purpose of entertaining a kid, but it also has the ability to create curiosity within a child's mind. That curiosity leads a kid to think of different scenarios, which is all about their imagination.

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Once a kid has imagination, they have creativity that no other person has. Their creativity is channeled through their imagination. Besides improving a child’s imagination, a simple lego block can intend the child to create something different from what the other kids are creating. As soon as a kid has time to think, they bond with the toy and allow them to interact with adults and peers to show their creativity. The interaction leads to the development of social skills as well.


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