I Hate You

by Reiss Alonso 10 months ago in breakups

A Goodbye Letter to a Toxic Ex

I Hate You

Dear Juliette,

THANK YOU for wasting my GODDAMN time. THANK YOU for being a CLUELESS BITCH, THANK YOU for being UNRELIABLE and THANK YOU for adding bullshit into my life.

I've made the mistake of trusting you and caring for you and I was naive to think you were a person that was capable of reciprocating those feelings. You tried to mess with my head and tried to play mind games just so you can feel powerful.

But you've failed.

If I can go back in time, I would prevent myself from meeting you...EVER. Because then it would've saved me sooo much pain and misery that I'm dealing with right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy it is over between us. However, that doesn't spare me the heartbreak and it's not going to give me back the time I have invested in you.

You know what sucks, the fact that you and I clicked and we were actually connecting but for you playing your stupid games was more important and you just had to be a typical heartbreaking, backstabbing, time-wasting bitch. That sucks even more than just the breakup.

At the end of the day, some of the blame can go on me. Well... not just some. A LOT... People warned me about you, they told me what kind of person you are. I was warned but I didn't listen. They were telling me that I can do sooooo much better than you. But I refused to listen. Why? Because I believe in giving people chances. Even when they don't deserve it. So congrats, not all blame goes to you. I FUCKED UP TOO.

My willingness to give people chances, my willingness to open up my heart to people got me in this trouble. And you know what it's about time I learn from it.

I'm done letting people like you come into my life and just suck the spirit out of my world. I'M DONE. You DON'T deserve my heart, you DON'T deserve my open mind and you sure as hell DON'T deserve me.

And I have faith that one day my tears of sadness, heartbreak and grief, they will turn into tears of joy. And that day will come sooner rather than later. I have faith in that.

I have hope that one day I will find a person that is right for me. One day I will get the girl. A girl that won't break my heart, a girl that won't mistreat me, a girl that will appreciate me and love me for who I am. I had hoped that you would be that girl but MY GOD WAS I WRONG.

But I will use this mistake, this heartbreak and hurt as a lesson to NEVER, EVER AGAIN be blind when it comes to judging people's character.

Today I may have not woken up from my bed but the day will come when I return to my old happy and joyful life. And you WON'T be able to hurt me or break me because you are not going to be part of it.

Lord knows I've done some TERRIBLE, AWFUL things in my life but I've tried to be good and I TRIED to be the best person possible for you. But you didn't want that. Instead, you played with my emotions and it nearly cost me many things. That's a mistake I AM NOT making any more.

I hope you have a wonderful life. And I MEAN IT. Despite every GOD AWFUL things you've done, there is still a part of me that cares about you as a person. And I hope you start finding out what you want because not all men will be as patient as I was with you.

And I hope you start PRAYING and asking for FORGIVENESS because with the way you're moving EVEN HELL WON'T ACCEPT YOU. For your own sake, I hope you become better, but I doubt that will happen.

Take care and THANK YOU for the good times. But since the BAD outweighs the GOOD, it's only fitting that I end this with the famous three words.....

I HATE YOU💔☠!!!!!


Reiss Alonso

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