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I Got the Best Sleep of My Life Last Night.........When I Died

How Our Dreams Are Us Living in Parallel Universes, Acts I, II, & III

By Digital_FootPrintPublished about a month ago 6 min read
I Got the Best Sleep of My Life Last Night.........When I Died
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Well, I didn't really die exactly but it certainly felt as if I did because I was living a whole other life and this wasn't the first time I had a dream like this either.

In fact, they've been happening quite frequently over the last several months. 

I guess my mind figures that if Martin Luther King can have a dream or two then so can I. 

These days, I've been having all sorts of dreams of ancestors who have come & gone.

Some wanting to borrow money while others just simply stopping by to say hi.

Style & Aunt Grace, Act I

Case in point,

The other day, my grandfather decided to ride on by, literally, and see about his grandson. 

He wasn't alone either. 

This time, he was accompanied by one of my great aunts and they were both riding around in absolute style. 

They were dressed in all black riding around in what looked to be a black SUV. 

Now, just saying they looked nice would've been a gross understatement.

They looked impeccable. 

My grandfather was looking dapper as usual rocking a black suit with a fresh cut just like he used to have in 93'.

My aunt, who's still on this plane with us, looked immaculate as well.

She had on her Sunday best wig and a black dress with red lipstick that perfectly, blended in with the color of my granddaddy's tie. 

I was standing outside my car as they pulled up beside me and motioned for me to come on over to them, which I did. 

We chatted around and laughed for a brief moment.

Now, don't ask me about what because I cannot remember for the life of me.

I do remember them asking about my brother who was in the backseat asleep.

I went over there to wake him up so he could go visit with them.

Now, I’m not really sure if he did or not because as I was waking him up, he looked at me with those big, brown eyes of his and that’s when I woke up.

That was it. DREAM OVER.

Dream Girl (Minus the Dream Home) Come True, Act II

Just when I thought that dream was something, I go and have another one even more far out then the previous one.

In this one, I was married to the proverbial, "girl of my dreams" in this dream sequence.

She was drop dead gorgeous too.

She was this sweet, feminine thing with beautiful, chocolately skin and hair all the way down to her back. 

She had this big, beautiful smile to go along with these ginormous set of cantaloupes on her chest.

Plus, she smelled like Heaven. 

We had a big family and everything.

The only thing was is that we were poor. 

Not poor, poor where we're making gourmet meals out of someone else's trash.

We were what would you would call working class poor.

The reason why I remember this is because I kept wanting to be rich. 

One point in the dream, I got on this "think positive and be positive" campaign.

To demonstrate this, I went to a gas station and played the lotto. 

Now, I have no unearthly idea whether or not I won because apparently, I transitioned right after it. 

But I came back. 

I want to say my wife transitioned with me but I'm not sure but I could definitely feel her energy with me.

This time, I came back as another being. 

I'm thinking a dog because I was pretty low to the ground. 

I even went back to my old neighborhood that I grew up in.

I remember it being Christmas time and walking through the old neighborhood seeing Christmas lights on a few houses. 

There was this one particular home that was decorated extraordinarily.

It was very reminiscent on how I used to decorate my childhood home back in the day.

Speaking of lights, that's when a light bulb went off in my head. 

The thought came into my mind about going to see the actual house I grew up in all those years ago.

I hadn't been back since I moved out the place.

I was somewhat reluctant at first to do it but then I thought to myself, “what the hell?!"

And so I went and visited it anyway. 

Someway, somehow, I was able to get inside the house and roam around as this "new" being unnoticed for a little while. 

I even saw the family who brought the house, the Sotos, and they were all having a good time. 

Then I bumped into the man of the house, a Leon Sotos, who looked a lot like a Spanish version of Telly Savales.

We had a very interesting convo about how he's tiring of seeing me all the time and having people offering to spy on me on his behalf.

I also heard my mother's voice and to my disbelief, she was defending this dude. 

She was speaking on his upbringing on how he was from Louisiana and couldn’t speak a lick of English.

Plus, she mentioned that his father was a drug dealer. 

Just some strange shit. 

My reaction to her was, 

"what the hell does this have to do with me exactly?!" 

I pretty much told him I had moved on and didn't give two shits about the place anymore.

That's when I woke up. 

I just laid in bed for some time and thought about everything I had just experienced. 

It felt so surreal. 

I'm still in shock on how I was able remember as much as I did. 

I had to hurry up and get to my laptop as fast as I could so I would be able to document this out-of-body experience I just had while it was still fresh inside the old noggin.

Oh, Where Art Thou Grandmother, Act III

Speaking of my noggin, my mind can conjure up some interesting things at times. However, none were more interesting then a visit from one of the most beautiful beings to ever grace this place called Earth, my grandmother.

We were in the garage, where she stayed, conversing about the upcoming Winter solstice.

She told me that she might not be able to stay out here this Winter. 

I mentioned to her about the two space heaters we had. 

She said that it might not be enough. 

I asked her if she thought it was going to be that cold this Winter. 

She told me she didn't know.

I asked her if she wanted to come inside then. I don't think she ever gave me a response.

I also noticed that my great aunt, who stayed out there with her as well, was nowhere near to be found.

It was just my grandmother and I. 

My grandmother pulled back the curtains on a stack of shelves behind her bed where she slept and began cleaning it out. 

She handed me some old pictures of our family over the years. 

She told me, 

"if you want them, you better take them now because I'm going to throw them away."

I took them in my hands as she started cutting the corners off of the pictures for some reason. 

I'm thinking it could've been because my grandfather and grandmother didn't always see eye to eye at times so maybe that was one of those times.

"Shrugs shoulders."

I started looking at the photos. 

One of the pictures was of my grandfather and myself. 

At least I think it was me. 

It could’ve been my brother from all I know.

I can't seem to recall too much about that particular part of the dream.

We were children at the time and he was holding one of us in his lap while wearing that maroon-colored worker compensation jacket he always wore. 

I still don't know, for the life of me, what that dream was supposed to be about.

Maybe, it was my dear ole' granny swinging on by to visit her precious grandbaby which I always look forward to.

These were some very….how do I say this?

Some very interesting life sequences to say the least.

I had a few more but those might be a little too hot for this platform or any other for that matter.

I guess what many folks have been saying out there is correct; We really do live multiple lives all at the same damn time.

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