How to Save Your Relationship During the Quarrel

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How to Save Your Relationship During the Quarrel

Any relationships, in general, is a complex system of connections between two people. It is impossible to live happily together without working on relationships and conflicts resolutions is one of the aspects that should be taken into account. People are very different and these differences lead to conflicts and quarrels between those who are in love but even love can't save relationships if both partners give up trying to solve their problem. That's why in order be able to save relationships of marriage one should know how to tackle the conflicts without horrible consequences for both parties. This article contains the list of the most simple but effective nevertheless tips to save relationships from the breakdown.

Listen to Your Partner Very Carefully

It is impossible to solve the conflict without listening to each other. Unfortunately, yelling will lead to even greater conflict and unpromising ending. First of all, you need to understand what makes your partner being angry to understand how to calm him/her down.

Choose the Right Place and Time for Quarrels

There is no need to start quarrel early in the morning since you literally have no time for this, moreover, your partner might take it as a serious offense since you want him/her to be late. Don't try to argue in public. This is also very damaging for the relationships in general and you don't want to see the consequences.

Do Not Lose Control

At a certain point, you will understand that you are about to lose control and destroy everything you both tried to build. If you feel like anger embraces you leaving you no choice, stop the quarrel and calm down. People corrupted by this demon don't clearly understand and control what they say and it might lead to even more serious problems than a simple arguing. It is better to postpone this conversation for good and discuss everything being calm and patient.

Take It Out on Your Partner

Psychologists proved that most of the relationships break up due to the fact that one of the partners never talk about the problems or about something he/she considers to be unpleasant in the relationships. Both parties can't tackle the conflict without knowing what triggered it. There is nothing to change if you do not say it out loud. If your partner loves you, he or she will do everything to help you.

Ask Questions If You Don’t Understand Something

Sometimes you can't even understand why you partner yells and instead of continuing fighting, ask what did happen? This will be much more effective than any piece of advice on this list since any quarrel or arguing is usually an attempt to draw attention. Let her/him take it out on you, your love worth it.

Stop Being Selfish and Think About Your Partner

In the course of any arguing or quarrel people use their personal evaluation systems to judge but it won’t work in the relationships since as well as you do, your partner has its own ones. You just simply need to wear his/her shoes to understand another point of view. It helps to understand that you might also be wrong. Plus, it is beneficial for the conflict resolution.

Do Not Offend Each Other

Any offenses are the last line of the defense. People apply to verbal abuse when they have nothing to say but as well as anger it might bring the only destruction to your relationships. That's why it is better to avoid any kind of verbal abuse to be able to save your relationships since practice shows that such approach leads to new conflicts and break up.

It might seem simple to stay calm during the quarrel but unfortunately, people can't control anger or irritation despite the fact that they love their partners. Be wise and stay calm, even if your partner is burst out yelling and screaming.

About the author: The one who wants to save your relationships is Melisa Marzett. She has enough experience and writing skills to share her personal opinion on the issue of quarrels and how to avoid them. If you like the way she writes, we have good news for you. Currently, she works as a freelance writer on helping people with their assignments and papers.

Melisa Marzett
Melisa Marzett
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