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How To Revive A Failing Marriage (Ways To Save A Failing Marriage)

First of all I'm very sorry that you're looking for how to revive a failing marriage. It's never fun to be in that position. It's a constant pain in your chest. It crushes you and makes everything that you do seem a little bit less important or fun, even though it's supposed to be. This article will show you ways to save a failing marriage.

By Ron CollinsPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
How To Revive A Failing Marriage (Ways To Save A Failing Marriage)
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How to save a marriage is a term that is typed into Google over eight thousand times a month. I think of all those people who are obviously unhappy and crying out for help to save the one thing that should be most dear to them. The misery that that number conveys is heartbreaking and I know that misery personally for I was one of those poor souls who had to go looking for help.

I am happily married with three boys and a husband who I know loves me. It has taken a long time to get where I am now from the place I was a few short years ago.

I was married at twenty one to a boy I met in college and we were loves young dream, nothing and nobody would ever come between us. We were sure that we would last forever, never arguing, never falling out and growing old together. In other words we felt just like any other young couple who were starting a new marriage. Fast forward fifteen years and we were hardly speaking to each other at all and heading at breakneck speed towards the divorce courts. How could it change so much? We still rarely ever rowed, the sex was still there, albeit somewhat less frequent and we had three small boys to bind us but we weren't in love anymore. We were alone together, or to put it another way we were together, alone.

Without the comfort that should be in a home, I am ashamed to say I started an affair with a guy I worked with, all of a sudden I was thinking about what I should wear, when I would see him, when we would have time to be together. I was exited, my heart raced and I looked forward to each day and what may happen. I felt like I was in love again.My relationship with my husband descended still further into misery. I thought he didn't notice, he seemed too involved with his own life to care, and my boys were too young to notice what mummy was doing. I loved them and would never hurt them I thought but in every way I was smashing their lives to pieces. I couldn't see it.

Of course, the affair was discovered by my husband. I really thought I wouldn't care if he found out, my marriage was over more or less and I could take care of my boys on my own, I worked and made good money so that wouldn't be a problem.

I will never forget the pain I saw in my husbands eyes, the utter despair that I had caused, the destruction of someones whole life in a moment. It was almost like watching one of those video clips where they demolish a large building, he just seemed to collapse inside himself and I realised that what I really wanted was not an affair which I knew deep down would go nowhere but a relationship with my husband. In that moment I saw the boy I had fell in love with, that I still loved but was I too late?

How to save a marriage gone wrong. Marriage should be another word for happiness. A good marriage is a helping hand to steady you, to push you forward in the hard times and to comfort you in the bad. It is also there to give you enjoyment, fun and laughter and to make life just better. A good marriage is the pinnacle of success and something we should all strive for. All the world can give you, money, fame or celebrity comes nowhere near what a good marriage can give you. I now see that and in my honest opinion it is worth fighting for, struggling for and working for.

Back to where I am now, how to save marriage was my starting point. It was not an easy one and sometimes it seemed as though I wouldn't succeed, I don't know if you ever succeed completely, but my husband and I are still together, we are happy and we do seem to have a future together, together no longer together alone.

7 Tips to Save a Failing Marriage

No one said love was easy. It can even be blind at times. And marriage, being the ultimate consecration of that love, can be even more difficult to keep intact - at least while keeping it "good". There are several things you can do that are simple in comparison to the complex issues a marriage can face, but sometimes, simplicity is the key that keeps other things in place.

Do Away With Fear

The fear of failure is many times the component that stresses a situation beyond redemption. Things are hard enough already; being afraid does not change a thing, except your ability to properly come to terms with situations as they come. It will interfere with your emotional reactions to situations, and complicate issues indefinitely. So, fear not! It will be okay.

Trust Yourself

Indecision and feelings of helplessness are abundant when marriages start to fall apart. When no way seems a good way, it's easy to turn to family and friends for advice, and it's easy to automatically follow paths you think you "should" follow. It's your marriage, though, not theirs, and you'll do you and your spouse justice to stand strong, and trust yourself and your own feelings - whatever they may be.

Give it Time

Easy fixes aren't likely to be permanent solutions. Your marriage, especially since you're trying to save it, is more permanent than temporary, so be ware that it may not be so quick and easy to patch up and move along like nothing ever happened. It may be difficult - for a while - but some things are worth the effort, and require more time before the bloom again.

Talk, Communicate, and Talk Some More

It may be that you feel you've rehashed things and no solutions are possible. But by keeping communication open and by talking things over again and again, from different angles, you'll be surprised what may have been overlooked before. So long as there is communication, there is hope.

Know It May Hurt - A Lot

Hurting is not fun, but sometimes it is simply not avoidable. If it's been a difficult time for the both of you, there is bound to be some hurt involved, however suppressed. Working things through may bring up the pain, but take it only as an opportunity for deeper healing, and the forgiveness that can follow afterwards.

Be Ready to Build Something New

It may be that the whole project needs be scrapped, and a new sheet stretched across the drawing board. After all is said and done, you may find it more beneficial for both of you to start again, and build something new and different, rather than repairing what feels worn and tattered. Don't be afraid to toss away broken pieces, and build a new future together.


It's what started this whole mess to begin with. And it's where eventually, you hope to end up. If you spend time loving - something, anything about one another, then you still have the foundation intact, and everything good is still possible. If you focus on the love that you have, however little is left, you will (by the nature of love itself) nurture that flame back to a blaze.

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