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How To Meet Your Husband's Needs (What Every Husband Wants From His Wife)

Isn't it frustrating that you have to spend your time trying to figure out how to meet your husband's needs, when it seems like everyone else is walking around happy and in perfect little marriages. How has your search gone so far for what every husband wants from his wife?

By Charles BillPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
How To Meet Your Husband's Needs (What Every Husband Wants From His Wife)
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This article will talk about the number 1 truth about men, and will also answer the question of what do men want in a wife. Upon reading this article you will discover the most crucial thing about men and what they desperately need in a relationship no matter what. Without this, there's a good chance that your man will seek out the company of someone else, and NO I'm not talking about "sex". In truth some men might not even know that they want this, and if they do, there's little chance that they'd tell you about it.

What's The Number 1 Secret About Your Husband?

Of course, every man is different and not all men would think the same way. But there's one universal thing that all men want from their partners and it doesn't matter what type of person he is. There's no denying that every man would want this and without it, he would find it very hard to stay with his current relationship and would be more likely to cheat on you if someone else would come along and prove that they can satisfy this need.

If you know this, and you're able to provide for and satisfy this one special need. Then he would stay with you forever with no intentions or tendency to seek out any other woman.

So What Do Men Want In A Wife?

The answer is admiration for the decisions that they make and the feeling of achievement. You see, when young boys grow up they are constantly faced with the need to prove themselves, and to be recognized for any sort of achievement that they've accomplished. In society, men are taught to play the strong leadership role, and without the special feeling of being admired, they will lose all sense of who they are.

You may call this an ego that constantly needs validation. There is a deep desire within every man to constantly be recognized for their achievements. This is why winning a trophy in sports, or playing a video game is such a big thing for men because it gives them a sense of accomplishment and recognition.

There's no shortages of examples where men would constantly want to feed their egos. You may notice this to be true when they brag about how much weight they can lift or when they show off their new expensive sports car to all their friends. The reality is that all men want to be good at something, and they want you to know how good they are at it.

The more you try to take control while putting him down and not giving him the validation that he needs. The more likely that he'd want to leave the relationship or commit an affair with another woman that's better at stroking his ego. Knowing the answer to the question of what do men want in a wife, can give you a huge advantage.

Overall the number 1 tip, is to give him recognitions and acknowledgment for the things that he's done. He likes to be admired for a job well done, It can be as simple as praising him for fixing things around the house, or for paying the bills. You should also give him the feeling of accomplishment, so be a little challenging at times, but ultimately give him what he wants in the end, which is the validation or acceptance.

The Secret to Marital Bliss

Marriage can be difficult. Statistically, most marriages fail; and, realistically, many of those who stay married probably shouldn't. Even people who are devoted to each other, and who think about and work on their relationships, often run into difficult times, rough spots, or some kind of trouble. Sometimes it seems that just when you got things figured out, they change. Well, change is constant; and the secret to marital bliss and relationship success is simple: Embrace change and learn to love it.

When you enter into any relationship, you change the nature of your previous relationship - from one of being out-of-relationship to one of being in a relationship. Every day, people change, times change, the world changes, fashions change, and we change; nothing stays the same. Most of our relationship conflicts, however, seem to be based on our inability to accept changes that we all know are coming. The day you get married you go from a person with a boyfriend or girlfriend, to a person with a spouse and a whole new set of rules, standards, and expectations that you might not even know about. Nonetheless, if you don't get this change "right," someone could get hurt - in more ways than one.

Most people get married for one reason, but stay together for entirely different reasons. As your reasons for being married change, you need to learn to love each new situation. Your only alternative is to hate your life as soon as it changes from something you enjoy to something different; and it will change - life always does. If you learn to be happy with yourself, you can learn to be happy regardless of your environment - change will not have a negative or stressful impact on you. If you can learn to love and embrace change, you can accept each moment as perfect the way it is rather than judging it against some ideal that it no longer meets, or hasn't lived up to yet.

Each moment is perfect; and each moment leads to the next. It is your thoughts, words, and actions in this moment that create or limit future possibilities, opportunities, and experiences. Each moment is a gift; and each change is a reminder that no moment lasts - so enjoy each one. You don't have time to judge the past; if you waste your time on complaints, you'll only create a future full of them. Focus on the conditions you wish to create; and love the conditions you are experiencing. Be grateful for each moment and each change as they magically carry away the past and usher in new things.

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