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How to Get Over Being Dumped: Down But Not Out!

How do you pick up this work and how do you overcome the pain of being dumped?

By KarpenaruPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
How to Get Over Being Dumped: Down But Not Out!
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How to pick up the piece and how to get over being dumped? Dreams of a perfect life together and lots of plans that you’ve made together suddenly you feel meaningless when your boyfriend or girlfriend decides that they are no longer in love with you. Not one of the happiest places to be in, but we sure have heard this happen to people around us, or have read about it in the magazines or the internet.

So what’s so different if it happens to you also? Just like everyone who has seen this phase in life, you will also have to wake up to this ugly reality and then try to figure out what and how you’re going to deal with being dumped.

How to get over being dumped - Questions Galore

When you’re dumped by your partner, then next thing on your mind is a list of questions. You have never seen this coming, so life has been very happy and nice all this while and suddenly from nowhere this bomb has been thrown at you. Not everyone is lucky to get a chance to sit down with their partner and ask them questions about why they were dumped, so you have got to deal with the questions yourself on how to get over being dumped.

How to get over being dumped - Don’t Blame Yourself

Stop blaming yourself for whatever has happened as there is no need to do so. If your partner cared so much about you they would have rather sat down and spoken about the problems he/she sees in the relationship and come up with a way to work things out rather than just walk out on you. So it’s no use demeaning yourself for someone as worthless as your ex.

How to get over being dumped - Cry as Hard as You Can

A good way to clear your thoughts and mind is by crying your heart out. Scream, shout and let everything out of you, it is better to do this once rather than spending the whole day mopping and being depressed.

How to get over being dumped - Keep Away from Insane Ideas

How to get over this first don’t let your mind be taken over by crazy ideas. Being dumped is the worst feeling we know. Keep away from thinking of sex, drugs and alcohol as it would do you no good, would make you feel worse instead once you realize what you’ve done to deal with being dumped. Rather spend your free time learning a new activity, get yourself enrolled for a new study course etc.

How to get over being dumped - Don’t Let Others Make You Feel Low

Keep away from people who want to keep talking about your relationship. Your personal life is your private matter and not some tea table gossip. Keep away from the over helpful relatives and friends who want to know it all about the breakup. Talking too much about the relationship will only make you feel more hurt and keep reminding you of your ex, so the less you can discuss it the better it would do to you.

How to get over being dumped - Look out for Ideas to Deal with Your Phase

Read a good book on relationships on how to get over being dumped and you will feel better knowing that there are others too who have had to go through the same phase as you. Reading blogs, chats online will let you understand the way you need to deal with this pain. Remember that every relationship is not for keeps, so it is important to get yourself to live without and get over them.


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