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How to differentiate personality (manipulators)

Top 10 types of manipulation personality

By Vortex Published 2 months ago 3 min read
How to differentiate personality (manipulators)
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ere are more than enough types of personalites to be discussed but here are top 10 personalites to analyse before falling in there trap (manipulation) .

1. The hidden intention type - Some people are so great in hiding there true intentions. The question arises is that how you can understand there true intentions .Here lying is perhaps the oldest and most effective form of manipulation around . Some manipulators even resort of lying when there is no real reason to do so, simply thriving on the pleasure of creating chaos or the knowledge that they’re playing with someone else’s feelings.

You should be aware around the person who lies a lot. You should always notice every lie a person says (not only to you) this will help you to get a clearer look for the real intention of the person.
2. Attention seeker type- A little bit of drama in life keeps things interesting . Around a attention seeker drama happens a lot . why? Because they created it . They do all this to enjoy and become centre of attraction all the time . They seems to be very nice all the time but this to give their egos the confidence boost they believe they need.
3. Emotional type- Manipulators could be highly emotional individuals, prone to dramatic or even hysterical outbursts when they want things done their way . Melodramatic, loud, obnoxious, over-the-top, even at the slightest provocation a manipulator will resort of emotional behavior, which is most of the time inappropriate in a social setting.

These type of people are hard to analyse . they seems to be very annoying .

For example- these are the type of people which gests to much exited/sad/happy (dramatic mood swings) anytime . The person standing nearby may feel they are naturally showing this behaviour but actually they are controlling the environment by this behaviour change .
4. The dangerous one (reinforcement)- reinforcement is a stimulus, positive or negative, that increases or strengthens the probability of a certain outcome. When we talk of positive reinforcement, it is a tactic that a manipulator will use in public to pick their subjects. The manipulator will fake some moves such as loud laughter, random smiles, giving gifts, crocodile tears, excess apologies, exaggerated praise, and temporary charm, to mention but a few .

For example- find an innocent looking lady crying by herself at the park, we genuinely want to know how we can help. Unbeknownst (Unknown)to us, some of these people are out there hunting for victims.

In the negative reinforcement side , the manipulator will offer to “rescue” the victim from a negative situation if they agree to do something in return.

For example- a teacher might offer to grant a student pass grades after they have failed if the student offers sex in return. This is a tricky situation because the victim is usually in a fix, and at times, the offer by the manipulator might be their only way out.
5. Rationalizing- Rationalization is the act of making up excuses to make one appear innocent .

They are the type of people who can convince even if they are caught red handed doing something bad . In most cases, they claim to have been trying to help the victims.
6. Depend on me type - Manipulators want you to feel like you “need” them in your life.That you simply cannot live without them.
For example-In a social setting, they’re the “popular” ones whom everyone else seems to flock to, making you desperate to want to be a part of that group. They do you favors and help you out at a time when you need it most, making you feel indebted to them so they can come and cash in on these favors at a later date
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