How Cheating Turns Love into Poison

by Richard Wöndęrs 8 months ago in love

A Partially Factual Article about Love at a Young Age and How It Can Be Dangerous

How Cheating Turns Love into Poison

Often times when love blossoms or blooms (your choice of phrasing), those who fall for each other start with a sweet, cheerful, and happy romance. Two souls just wanting to spend time together and have fun. It stays like this for a duration of time and both of you are happy snuggling up together watching Netflix. Though unfortunately, a time comes where there is a hitch in the road and a fight or argument ensues. You both are left wondering if you'll make it through to tomorrow and oftentimes you do and you love each other again. Although unbeknownst to you as a couple, subconsciously one of you now has more power than the other and that causes your relationship to come crashing down later along the road.

You see a life lesson to be learnt is that LOVE is a double edged sword and the one that holds the handle ultimately wins! Our generation thrives on the practice of being in a relationship at all times. Whether ready or not is a trivial matter to their lonely and needy hearts because it is a status symbol to say that they are wanted and loved and that is why many jump at the chance to put that Facebook status on their wall. But a relationship needs maturity, compromise, and far more effort than those of us younger would likely put in for a very, very long time. You see statistically from the ages of 16 to 21, both men and women are far more likely to cheat then that of when they are older. I don't remember the exact percentage but if memory serves me correct, it comes to around 43%. In terms of logic, it really can only be because of a lack of maturity and true commitment to what they signed up for at this stage. In addition to this, here is an interesting excerpt I had found recently on the subject of cheating:

"According to science, it’s older men who have a greater tendency to stray. According to data from the recent General Social Survey (GSS), 20% of men and 13% of women reported that they’ve had sex with someone other than their spouse while married, and while women seem to be most likely to cheat in their early 20s, a man’s infidelity risk actually increases with age."

Before you say anything, there is clearly far more commitment issues in younger women than men! And whilst this is true, we can't deny that women do indeed grow more loyal as time advances. But 20% of men and 13% of women is still a statistic that is completely vile and disheartening! Cheating ruins love. It is the sword that severs the bond between two people once intertwined and it is the SOLE reason I am so unsure to commit my time, love, and energy to anyone until I have both grown more mature and they have grown in the same regard as well.

In summary, people of a younger demographic use relationships as a symbol of status and unfortunatelyLOVE in our time is clearly easily poisoned by those who wish to be disloyal to the ones they have promised to commit to. Although with age, it does go down rapidly after those who are older grow more mature. The percentage of women cheating peaks between the ages of 16 and their late 20s and slowly decreasesuntil only 13% of married women cheat. On the other hand a male's rate is lower than that of a woman at a younger age and slowly rises after a long lengthy marriage with the median age of cheating being around 55 years of age at which 20% of males are shown to cheat. That is one in 5marriages COMPLETELY derailed. Think about the kids...

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