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How Being The Finance Manager Of My Household Saved My Marriage

Every woman should be a good accountant.

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
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Hey, my darling/husband aka baby,

Do you know that I’ll always win? I’m destined to be a winner in this lifetime.

I didn’t start nicely at life’s starting point but certainly, I’ll finish as one of the champions at life’s finishing line.

My charismatic personality, my grit, and my vigor are my superpower,

Add it up with my beauty and the ‘never say die attitude’ makes me a winning combo in life.

I am never the girl who is wishy-washy and hesitates,

I am proactive and act fast as a flash of lightning,

My thick skin and my dazzling personality turn any dull party into a lively concert,

I don't mind making a fool of myself to be the laughing stock for their amusement,

This is my way of making it to their hearts to like me,

I am fun to be around and interesting,

Never a dull moment when I’m around.

* * *

You are a goodie-goodie guy that was charmed by my personality and my beauty,

You chose me out of my few beautiful pals in the pub,

Soon you dated me and you declared that you were in love with me,

I liked you too and I encouraged you to come after me — ‘let’s fall in love’.

We both were the lover birds that can’t be separated in no time,

You were crazy over me and always held me closed to you,

We were the envy of many singles.

A few years later we walked down the aisle,

Even though you were just a young guy starting out,

No flashing cars and no big houses,

What a contrast compared to my ex-boyfriend!

Yet I said “I DO’.

As I felt your sincerity and you’re a good man.

* * *

Things generally were all good after our marriage,

You were climbing up the corporate ladder smoothly,

You were the blue-eye boy of your big boss,

Your job title gets bigger and bigger and elevated to be the country head,

I retreated to be the household queen aka the rich housewife,

We couldn’t have our own biological child after trying hard,

But as super optimists we are, we adopted a little boy,

We still post a happy family in the picture.

I manage to convince you to hand me all your finances,

So that you could focus on your career while I handle the rest,

Our partnership was almost close to perfect!

I am your pal + companion + wife + lover + finance manager + public relation manager,

I help to entertain your big boss’s family when they were here for a holiday,

I knew that PR is never your forte but mine.

You see, I’m not just any ordinary domesticated housewife who only knows about luxury brands.

* * *

Time flew we were both in our mid-50s,

Not sure was it because you were having a mid-life crisis,

Or was it because of my increasingly fat body,

Which the fat was stubborn to shake off!

You started to yell at me even in front of my siblings,

Our hot sex life dwindled and become sexless now,

As you can no longer perform,

We have little things to chat about and the quietness in the air scared me.

What happened to our love and marriage?!

I caught you frequently walking away sneakily and talking when your phone rang at night,

Or you were busy texting someone and giggling before we went to sleep,

Why so secretive? You used to tell me everything about your job and your day at work…

My sixth sense was telling me something wasn’t right.

I started to hear some rumors and then I saw this woman,

I knew that my sixth sense is always right! You do have another woman outside?!

“How am I going to handle this?”, I asked myself,

“Cool down and plot a proper plan first,” my intuition told me.

After some weeks of deep thinking, I consulted my lawyer friend.

Now I was ready for the TALK with you.

I was at the cliff of my marriage,

If I were not careful I'll fall off the cliff,

Either way, I must win in some ways,

I’ll never let you be with that woman with all your fortune,

I confronted you with all the info I gathered,

You denied any wrongdoing and said that she is just a friend,

She was trying to get you to invest in her business.

I gave you the ultimatum,

To cut tie or whatsoever connection with her,

Or else I’ll file the divorce,

All your money will be mine,

I know your finances at my fingertips as I handle all your income, investment, property, etc.,

I even had my lawyer friend draft out the divorce papers,

You were shocked! “Since when did this silly and naive housewife turns out to be a sophisticated and smart woman?!”,

You were too much of your ego because of your career success,

You failed to even notice my personal growth probably because of my fat body,

You took for granted all my sacrifices and hard work in caring for our family,

We had a long heart-to-heart talk and rediscover our love,

We ignited our hot sex life, It felt so good!

How could we miss it under the grind of everyday life?

I was determined to work on my weight with an exercise and diet plan that will work for me,

I resumed my slim figure like before! The previously hot and sexy charismatic lady is back again!

Again thanks to my determination and grit!

I have won this battle!

Parting Words

Being the finance manager of your husband is one of the safest bid that a housewife could ever have. Well, if you could manage to convince your husband. I know it’s not easy and some men won’t allow it, especially if you contribute no money to the household.

All girls should be good accountants.

It not only safeguards your own finances that let you have the say in your life but also your marriage, in a practical way.

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