Hopeless Romantics

by Chiara Carpenter about a year ago in love

Those Who Love

Hopeless Romantics

Love is like the beat of a drum. You can control it but after you create the music you should just sit back and admire it. Love is scary, irrational and strange. But love drives us. Love is the driving force of life. We crave love and we should cherish love. Love isn’t easy but it is worth the fight. Never shy away from something or someone you love. Don’t cower in the presence of love. Embrace love and help it grow in yourself and others. Once you find the one you’re meant to be with you will know. Nothing you do will feel the same. Everyday tasks have meaning. You will experience constant joy and pleasure from the minute you wake till the minute you lay your head down.

Whether or not your significant other is laying next to you or is only in your thoughts you will be happy. To know that you have not only a soul mate but also a best friend. You compliment each other literally and figuratively. You can’t look at anyone else in the way in which you look at your significant other. Go out, go find your meaning. Love is blissful and serene. When you are in love, time goes by quickly at the wrong times. Your lover makes you feel complete.

I once felt invisible but now I see myself in a light I never could have imagined. My love is inspiring and gracious. No amount of affection could ever replace it. Your significant other should make you feel like royalty and a gem of the Earth. When things go wrong you can never let them go no matter how hard you try. Never stop searching for your equal, the one who completes. Even before you two meet you will know their role in your life. They will be your support system, your backbone and your lifeline. Times will get rough but you should never give up, lose control or lose faith. Your views and perspectives will grow in ways you could have never imagined. You will make many beautiful memories and go on crazy adventures. Although your moods may change your love will remain strong and relentless. You will get to the point in which you feel empty when you and your partner are apart. The love must be mutual and purposeful.

A relationship is built on trust. Comfort and respect follow the trust you build around your partner. When you find your significant other life will be seamless. Like liquid your love will take many shapes and forms. Love will make you care for your significant others life as you do yours and you will see everything the same. At times love may be questionable but true love never fades. Love is knowing I can open myself up and be my true weird self around you and not be afraid to be judged. My love for you is knowing for a fact my soul was created to match yours, my love for you is undying. You’re the fuel to my car. The water to my plants. You’re my light in the dark, my GPS when I’m lost.

Love drives me, motivates me. My soul is so at peace with the world like it’s such a different experience but I know I’m in the right place. One day your life will have meaning to not only you but to another person. You will feel complete.

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