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Honor Your Ex

by Grace Calo 2 years ago in breakups

It’s the only way to heal.

Yes, I said it. Honor your ex. The person that broke your heart into a million pieces. The person that fought with you, ignored you, and dishonored you. Yes, and I still want you to honor them. Because that experience with them was priceless, once you shift your perspective.

Recognize that when a relationship doesn’t work out that it’s a gift. It’s an opportunity for you to level up in this game called life. However, you only get to move forward if you do things right during the breakup phase. Oftentimes, what we do is mope around for a bit, cry, get depressed, and then on to the next partner. We don’t give ourselves enough time to dig deep and look within. A breakup is a time for self-discovery and reflection. It’s a time to grow and learn from the mistakes of the last relationship. One must sit with the pain, feel it, heal, grow, and let go.

Processing your breakup will be emotional, be compassionate with yourself.

When you do not honor the breakup up then your healing gets stuck. Let me explain. When you decide to process the breakup superficially then the rest of the emotion (energy) gets stored in your body. A piece of the energy will seep into your narrative of love and relationships. Another will seep into your work. Yet another will seep into your parenting style if you have children. (These are just a few examples.) Little pieces of this breakup will show up in various parts of your life, and it will not stop until you heal from them. Many of us walk around with the breakup energies (baggage) from several relationships we didn’t fully process. This only hurts ourselves in the long run. When we don’t heal then we continue to have the same types of relationships until that breakup energy is released and we learn the lesson. Do you see how your ex should be honored?? They have unlocked a clue for you! No longer do you have to hold on to the breakup energy. You can learn from the experience so you don’t date a similar partner next time. Recognizing the signs of a person who isn’t aligned with you during the dating process will save you from future heartache!

Honoring your ex is beneficial to you. And to the future success of your next relationship. Sure, it hurts. Of course, you will cry! But taking that extra time to deeply heal from it will mend your heart, and make you whole. Ultimately, isn’t that what we all want?! 🥰


Grace Calo

I’m a social worker turned life coach that helps women love thy self! My focus is to provide thought provoking content on spirituality, divorce, consciousness parenting, and everything in between!!

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Grace Calo
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