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Groom Your Man To Be Your Ideal Mate, Is This Possible?

Is it a better bet than enjoying another woman’s husband?

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read
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Hello to some ladies out there, enjoying dating married men?

Their net worth and network, their understanding, they know how to treat you right, make you feel like a woman, make you feel treasured and important, or their sexual prowess makes you keep wanting more, their life experiences make everything so much easier in this world, they may be able to elevate you from the social rank, make your ambition and dream come true, able to connect you to the right people, etc, the list goes on…

‘Men got better with age, like wine’ as the saying goes.

Likely you’ve heard of this when you’re big enough to understand ‘The birds and the bees’. All these make the younger men look like a less desirable choice. The mature men likely are all married as we know, whether happily married or not is another thing.

The fact is almost all of them would not leave their wife for you. If you know this too well, if you know the reason why you are in this game, and you know your boundary, then it’s fine. If you ‘smell’ that emotion has started to kick in, just take what have you gotten and flee! If you do not want to involve in the mess of emotional affairs.

From my observations, practicality always wins over flimsy emotion in reality in most cases. The value-exchanging between two willing parties for a win-win situation in the modern age of the barter system is practical.

You may be glad that you can be ‘used’ in exchange for what you want — if you put it in a negative way. Whatever we want there’s a price to pay, it’s just that in the different forms.

While ‘Men got better with age, like wine, Women, on the other hand, were like cheese’, as the saying goes

While there are many practical benefits of dating a married man, time is not on your side for very long. Time is a real killer of women’s youth and beauty. They may lose interest in you when you pass your glorious youth and go look for younger girls for new excitement to fill their ego.

You may need to look for a replacement, but only to find that you’ve well passed the age of doing so.

While they have ample choices of younger girls waiting in line, you may find that the only choice you have is those men that are much younger than you.

If you have become financially established, there may be a swap of the role now — where you are the Sugar Mommy, unlike last time you had a Sugar Daddy, in a way.

Hope you do not mind playing this new role. When you think back you may say this to yourself: ‘Maybe last time I should have used my energy grooming the single young man to be my ideal husband while my youth is still with me.’

However, only the wise and strong women are able to do this monumental task. As it takes great effort, great people skill, and patience to achieve this. As we all know that it’s almost impossible to change a man unless he loves you dearly, adores you, looks up to you, or fears you in some ways.

If you intend to take a chance on this monumental task, firstly you need to find the man that has the potential to be ‘groomed’. If a man is very strong in character, very much an opinionated person, stubborn, and doesn't depend on you on anything at all, he may not be potential for such a grooming game.

If a man is soft in character, a goody-goody nice guy, he is crazy over you, then he may stand the chance to be a potential candidate. If you can satisfy all areas of his life from sexually to financially, which makes this union a great team where two are better than one, then the chances of successful grooming are higher.

You may ask what does it take to groom such a man? This may mean that you need to be a goddess in bed, an elegant social hostess, a great cook, a devoted mom to his children, a good financier, and a buddy to him.

Sounds like a superwoman? Yes, it surely does!

But it may all be worthwhile when you look back later in life. On the outside, it seems like the women need to wait for the men to take action first in courting, but in actual fact, if you look closely at many successful marriages it is the women that call the shot in courtship.

These smart women will know how to send subtle hinting and seduce their men in the right manner at the right time. This includes having terrific people skill, in not only winning the heart of her man but those that are important to him.

Capture the hearts and conquer the minds.

After all, a woman’s charm is an irresistible weapon, especially to a man.

Isn’t this a better bet than dating a married man?

What do you think?

* * *

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