Great Love or Soul Mate?

by Michaela B 2 years ago in love

Are you in your great love or with your soul mate?

Great Love or Soul Mate?

Some people say you only get one great love in your life, maybe that’s true for some, but not for all. I think you can have many great loves, but only one true love. I didn’t use to think this, I was sure my first great love would be the only one I ever had. He was everything, handsome, funny, he spoiled me, and made me feel like I was the only person in the whole world who meant anything. I guess it’s funny that at the same time he was making some other girl feel the same. I’m sure he told her how amazing she was, how the moon made her eyes glisten when he looked at them. How she made him feel like he was capable of anything, I know this because he said the same to me.

We met at work when I was in school, the first time I saw him he gave me more than just butterflies. I felt like birds were going to fly out of my mouth. My face was always so red when I spoke to him and I felt like English wasn’t even my first language. But the way he smiled at me, it was like I was the only woman he had ever seen. He made me feel beautiful, scared and like I could handle anything. It was terrifying and wonderful.

I guess it wasn't ever real though. Maybe that’s the difference between a great love and a true love. Great love makes you feel like you're on top of a mountain, like you're always high. Ha. I think I just understood drug addicts. Great loves are an emotional drug. They create something inside you that you never could understand and maybe should never understand it. Maybe it shouldn't even be allowed to be realized because what happens after that great love is over is a disaster and only something that can be cleaned up by someones true love; their soul mate.

A soul mate is described as your other half. There is the legend that says that originally humans were made with double of everything we have; 4 legs, four arms, four eyes, two mouths…etc. and that we were split in half and our soul mate is that other half. (Ok so in the legend it’s said more elegantly than that but you get the idea). Then when you find your soul mate, it all makes sense.

If I’m going to be honest I did believe that my ‘great love’ was my soul mate. Then once I found my soul mate it all made sense. My soul mate is my best friend, truly, since we were 14-year-olds. It feels comfortable and happy, it’s the type of love where you don’t have to worry about how you look or act, you just know they are in it for the long haul. When you fight you don’t worry about them walking out or even think about it yourself. You both want to work towards the same end goal and will both do anything to achieve it.

To me it feels like we are truly partners in life. What one does, so does the other. Everything we do we are working to do it together, we never get tired of each other or wish to spend time away from each other. It feels like without the other person a literal piece of you is missing and you only feel whole when you're together.

Like I said, my soul mate is my best friend, he has been for a VERY long time, so maybe my soul mate experience is different to yours, well it probably is because in reality, not many people are friends for eight years before they start dating but you know…

Michaela B
Michaela B
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