Got a Secret? Want to tell someone?

by Tyler Hall 4 months ago in social media

Several sites where you can spill the beans.

Got a Secret? Want to tell someone?
Need to make a confession? Time to let it out.

We all have something to hide.

Yet, we are all embarrassed or too ashamed to admit it.

The reasons are endless. Perhaps it is a fantasy that is just too depraved to confess. Another reason is a person might be laughed at for even having such a thought. Maybe the person whom has the secret is fearful of their life. Then again, someone might not feel comfortable saying their secret out in the open. Regardless of why someone would keep their peace, we all have our discomforts in admitting our deepest desires or thoughts.

There is not a single person out there who has something they want to confess. Yet, because of the guilt or stigma we all face daily regarding our most darkest secrets, we normally do not utter them openly.

Until now.

Because of the power of the internet, we now have the ability to spill the beans and confess what we are holding in. No matter how silly, serious, or sad our secrets may be, knowing we can get them out gives us some form of closure. The idea of finally getting something off your chest to telling off that person in private or confessing your crush without rejection has become a big genre on the internet.

And the best part?

You can post to these sites anonymously. Meaning nobody will know who you are, where you come from, or even what you look like. It is a refreshing thought to know people can confess something without being open.

So, if you are someone who has something they want to reveal, but are too shameful to admit it, here are some sites for you.


What I love about is that any secrets that are confessed privately are given a photo. This enables anyone with a confession to have something which helps zero in on the thought or issue. A photo is great because we can now sense the pain of the poster in more detail. However, while is a good place to go, it does require an app to post any secrets. Still worth a look for those wanting to confess something.


For those looking to post a secret, and read others as well, you may want to see With its scrolling secrets, you can learn the dark hidden confessions of just about everyone. While a good site, there are still issues with it. I say this because for every good secret confessed, someone has to post something silly and irrelevant to the site itself.

3. has a similiar layout to Secrets Anon. However, instead of a simple strolling row of secrets, Simply Confess has all the secrets posted as individual squares. Another large difference is how secrets and confessions are arranged based on topics. Which is helpful because users and visitors may feel a need to categorize their secrets or others' secrets. Something I actually admire.

In closing, we all have our darkest secrets. With these sites, we can now finally get them out. Although I am not one to talk, I do believe that once we confess, everyone on of us with be free. If you are the type of person whom wants to tell confess something, but can't tell someone, then please visit those sites.

It doesn't help to hold in your secrets. Holding in your secrets only makes it much worse. And now, you can finally get them out. I hope with the sites I've provided, whomever reads this article may now be able to get some things out of their mind. I will make the confession that it is my dearest desire for somebody to finally utter that deep, dark secret. It would mean so much to me if someone finally were able to admit their secrets without fear or retribution.

That is...if you want to. Nobody on these sites is even forcing you to confess. It's all up to you.

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Tyler Hall
Tyler Hall
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