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by Gabriel Estrada 4 months ago in humanity
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Do we have it ?

Photo by Bianca Ackermann on Unsplash

What is freedom? Are we free, do we control our own lives? All good question right? I’ll explain my thoughts and we will see if you agree.

What in this day and age constitutes freedom? I say freedom is the factor of life that we all think that we own but will never truly obtain. Don’t get me wrong there are those in the world that can say they have peaceful freedom or financial freedom, yet that is a rare thing to come by. Unlike those few special individuals there is no situations that give the normal people that, we live our life in the constructs of what society deems normal. That Idea is slowly changing as technology is advancing and lots of other opportunities arise. I bet that a lot of us grew up through pre-K – 12th and then off to college, married by 28, kids and a white picket fence, right but why? Because it was drilled into our heads all throughout life that was what normal life looked like because society made it that way. Conform or struggle seems to be the underlying message to the world.

Overcome your burdens and make your own freedom. Do not let the nay sayers tell you that your way is wrong or you can’t! As long as you have the structure that you build, then nothing will ever stop you from paving your own pathway and let the experiences flow from all avenues, grow from and forever build towards total freedom! I like to think about the variables of freedom and the ways we build it is like a puzzle that we don’t have edges to, because every step of the way we add a new piece with every new opportunity that we gain. Step after step to gain the freedom we deserve as humans we never want anyone to tell us what to do, but we cannot help that right? We’ve got to work, we’ve got to make money, and we’ve got to provide for others? NO! We do not unless we choose to work, choose to make money the conventional way, or to bring them along with us on the journey to freedom.

Life will forever go on. Fight towards that goal of what you believe to be true freedom. Play the game to get to where you want. That is what life is, a game where only you can unlock the cheat codes to become free. And you will! Follow the greats, look at all of the kings and queens, royalty, and celebrities that are out in the world and to think what if they never followed their own paths then we would never know 90% of anyone of importance in the world that made leaps and bounds to gain that freedom. Be great or else fall into the role of the “white picket fence”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that is a bad thing, but I’m saying that it is not the life I want to live because someone says that it should be that way. I know a lot of you will agree with that. Do what you can no matter where in your life you are you can always make that change and figure out what is next! Climb those stairs add pieces to the puzzle, never forget to make waves anywhere you go!

Think outside the box and find that happy freedom that we all have inside but is just buried by society and what is considered normal. Find that piece in you to break out and become unrecognizable to the old world and their idea of regular freedom to achieve greatness. What’s you take on freedom?


About the author

Gabriel Estrada

I do not to write those cookie cutter stories. I want to write about something that will make you think and want to explore on those ideas.

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