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by Gabriel Estrada 6 months ago in pop culture
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How its changed -The Expensive hobby

Photo by Travis Essinger on Unsplash

Just a small look into a world that can really suck you in if you aren’t too carful! Always expect the unexpected when it comes to shoes and what people do to get em!

Price Points:

Ever since I have been in this love / hate relationship with sneakers I’ve seen a huge change in what people are paying now a days. I remember those new hot shoes that every kid wanted and was able to get from the Eastbay magazine and or in store for a reasonable price! Now a days the game has changed they start off at a higher price, and don’t miss out on the day they come out because it gets even more ridiculous. Resellers making their money for their business but also upselling these sneakers for 10, 15, even 20% at times! They know that if someone wants that show they have no other option to buy at the price or not get their hands on the shoes at all. I get the inflation as times go on with costs or better materials, yet the reselling culture creates monstrous price point that the target audience cannot afford to come up with.


What was once simple has grown more and more difficult and sometimes dangerous! There was a day that you could walk into any shoe store and grab the latest hot shoe whatever that may have been to you. Never a problem with stock at the store, you didn’t have to call ahead and reserved anything. Then those special items you began to see lines on drop day and “campers”, those diehard fanatic fans that did what they had to get the shoes the day they came out, sitting outside of stores waiting for opening time! Becoming more and more limited it moved to camping a lot more but things became dangerous that way with people waiting to get robbed and or even killed for shoes. CRAZY! Now it has become more common to see online or apps incorporated to do online raffles and drawings to win the shoes. Efficient but hackable so some diehard fans loses out on the opportunity to get them but you’ve got someone making up the prices because they magically got a full size run. SMH! What can we do though, we love sneakers and got get them anyway how.

Color & Style:

What was once a simple pallet of colors has become more vibrant and outgoing! There are even people out there that will customize however you would like. Base colors to follow a team and maybe even some iconic colorways that follow certain player or people was normal and great for a long time. But changes to get more than just the same people over and over again buying, these companies had to broaden their selections to reach a lot more industries and groups of people. Some people choose to go with those bright colors to stand out or have every color shoe so that they can match their shirt! It must got with the outfit! But then there are the ones out there that prefer the calm base primary & secondary colors. Black and white or grey are more and more popular now as well as they go with almost everything. High top, lows. Mids. Boots, slides, runners, and so many more to give you the option of whatever you like. There will always be something out there for everyone!

Young vs. Old

There will always be continues “battles” between young sneakerheads and old sneakerheads! Which pair is better, what colors are the best, tips and tricks to keep them fresh or clean them! All depends on who you ask determines the answer you will get you never know. Cleaning comes down to either toothbrush and soap with a rag to wipe them off and always make sure you stuff the toes while you clean them to help get those creases to , that’s they old sneakerhead way! Young sneakerheads have the never ending technology on their side with a vast collection or products that is specially formulated to clean and protect your shoes. A waste of money for that older generation when you got all you need in the crib! The older generation will always choose the classics compared to the young generation that prefer that wow factor of what's most hyped at the time. no matter the person young or old they tend to stick to their choice of methods and madness.

A few points in this world of sneakers that will forever grow and will only bring the fashion world more and more interest. Keep your eyes out for what’s coming next!

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