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Family Love Crazy

My family is crazy at times.

By Bethany SneedPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Zia King

My family is crazy, the normal family kind of crazy. My family has certain views on how I should run my life. It’s always do this and do that. They have a certain type of guy I should date. I’m currently dating a guy that they go back and forth on. Here is a list of what they want:

  1. Has a good job.
  2. Has insurance (their own insurance)
  3. Nice.
  4. Kind.
  5. Has a car.
  6. Doesn’t do anything that involves drugs.
  7. Wants children.
  8. Wants to get married (pretty soon)

Might seem like a short list but if they don’t meet one of these, my family won’t like them. My current boyfriend meets most of these. We don’t want children right now, nor do we want to get married right now. He doesn’t have insurance from his job. He is nice, kind, has a job, and has a car. He doesn’t do any drugs. We want to get married but we want to wait until we know that it’s the right time and that we really want to.

My family loved him. Now they like him, because we won’t get married right now. They want us to get married, but we want to wait. They won’t accept anything we told them. We told them we wanted to wait, because we don’t want to rush it. They didn’t like that and kept pressuring us. We came up with a few more until our current excuse, of we don’t want to get married until one of has insurance that can support both us. So now they dislike him, because we won’t get married. They have figured out that my dad’s insurance will cover me even if I’m married. It was bad enough that my grandparents want us to get married pretty soon. Now it seems like everyone wants us to get married. My sister is the only one that wants us to wait, because we are both still young.

The other day we were helping them move some furniture and they told us a few things. Those things had to do with getting married soon and having a children pretty soon after that. They kept at it the whole time. We finally decided that we had enough for the day and left. We told them we had to leave, because he had to get to work. It wasn’t a lie he did have to get to work, but it wasn’t the whole truth.

I have a list of my own that states what I want in a man. It’s close to their list but mine is simpler. Mine doesn’t have a few of theirs. I don’t care if he has his own insurance, a car, or wants children. My boyfriend is the love of my life. It pisses me off that they don’t like my boyfriend all that much. They are my family so I try to please them as much as I can. I’m trying to get my family to like my boyfriend, but it is harder than it seems. I love my boyfriend and my family. I want to marry this guy, but I’m scared he is going to break up with me. I feel this way, because my family is crazy. One thing is clear I can’t please everyone. I’m going to please myself instead of everyone else.

What my family doesn’t see is that we are a perfect match. The two of us are crazy, fun, loving, and weird. We complete each other. My family might be crazy, but I love them. I know they want the best for me, but sometimes they are a little too much.


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Bethany Sneed

I always wanted to express myself in writing but never knew how. I have alot of history that I never knew I would have at 21 years old.

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