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Eyes Close, Breath Slows

by Victoria Murphy 12 days ago in humanity

Creating a cosy corner within

Eyes Close, Breath Slows

Ever-changing spaces, places and faces

The life of a gypsy soul embraces the different bases.

In a state of constant change

Seeking to rearrange

The patterns, lessons, fears

That live between our ears.

For it is here our reality forms

The argument between self and social norms.

No physical corner that was ever mine alone.

Candles, blankets and all the blessed stones

Could not create the peace, the flow, the zone.

This space I craved must be my own.

For the corner that I sought was always inside of me.

I alone was the bearer of that precious key.

To unlock a space where I could be, see

Be free.

In a period of job instability, emotional fragility

I have the ability

To close my eyes

Return to tranquillity.

Eyes close

Breath slows.

To go to worlds I may never see.

To breathe, to flow, to be.

This is cosy

This is home

This is she

This is me.

I am my cosy corner

Mental, spiritual, emotional armour.

I am my sanctuary, retreat, safe harbour

A space for thoughts to flourish

In my mind arbour.

No matter where I am.

No matter what's around me.

Eyes close

Breath slows.

Body sinks deeper

Relaxing, surrendering

To that space that offers eternal comfort.

Impenetrable, untouchable, intimate, mine.

Whether on land, air or sea

This cosy corner lives inside of me.

In the midst of turmoil, war, and peace.

A return to self

Unbridled release.

Transported to another realm

Only one captain at the helm.

Memories made, dragons slayed

Critic tempered, balance centred.

Where being lost is being found.

Quieting the voices all around

That seek to project, perform, dumbfound.

Eyes close

Breath slows.

All doors unlocked

Gravity exists not.

Memories long forgot

Come flooding through in streams of consciousness.

Third eye palace of opulence

A space to be anonymous

Yet oh so seen.

Singular is the goal

To feel peace, to feel whole.

Be at one with my own soul

That has known lives beyond my own.

Quieten my ego, let my truth be heard.

Discovering I am love, love is the word.

Unspoken, now free

In this corner, so cosy.

It’s here you’ll find me.

Eyes close

Breath slows.

On a quest to reassess

My lived experience against the rest.

Lay bare what’s on my chest.

For I am the creator, narrator, innovator

Wholly at one with source, the universe, my maker.

Thoughts no longer weapons

Words transformed into blessings.

When the bully becomes the teacher

Creator of the deepest lessons

On how to grow, let go of ego.

Eyes close

Breath slows.

Once broken, now rebuilt

My scars become my quilt.

Rich tapestry states my history

The creation of a mystery

To those yet to understand

The power residing in their own hand.

When eyes close

Breath slows.

Connection to self is the gateway to peace.

Enveloped in love

Sweet, tender release.

To see each other’s scars, pain, and grief.

A greater sense of knowing

An offering of relief.

Anger no longer misplaced

Judgement erased.

To know one’s own soul

Is to know ease, flow, and grace.

The need to go within

To drown out all the spin

That seeks to disrupt our path

Lead us to an impasse.

Though they forget the power of kin

Healed souls, connected therein.

Eyes close

Breath slows.

So here is my recommendation

A call to a nation

Of humans beyond borders

Seeking peace, grace, and cosy corners.

Lean into yourself

No blanket, candle, or bookshelf.

A place to call your own

An escape, retreat, safe-zone.

Eyes close

Breath slows

All that you seek, your soul already knows.

Victoria Murphy
Victoria Murphy
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Victoria Murphy


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