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Exes, Oh's, and Everything In-Between

by Savannah McKinley 4 years ago in dating
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The Three Guys Every Girl Has Dated

There are three kinds of guys every girl has fallen for in her lifetime. If you're anything like me and jumped into the dating world way too young than what was good for you (despite your parents' best efforts), you've likely encountered, fallen for, got your heart broken by, held onto for way too long, or eventually married one of these guys. You’ve got the exes, you’ve realized the oh’s, and you’re basically a pro on identifying and explaining the in-between. So humor and reminisce with me, laugh, tell me I'm crazy, or just totally agree with me because I know they've each walked up to your front door at one point or another.

The 'Sure, Why Not' Guy

He's the guy who sat behind you in English 401 freshman year of college; The 'wait I promise he's cuter in person' guy, the 'I didn't know how to say no but one coffee won't kill me' guy. He's the underdog of the dating world, the one who could totally take you by surprise and have a shockingly amazing personality but more times than not, leaves you underwhelmed and questioning why you even got ready in the first place. This is the guy who's a stellar friend, great wingman, and likely will finish the game last if we're being honest. He plays on the safe side by nature, could use a good closet purging of the golf polos and penny loafers, and over-posts pictures with his mom and sister to the point of near confusion. He's all sweet and no spice but somehow manages to ask the prettiest girls on the dates they can’t manage to turn down. Come on ladies, we've all said yes at one point to him. We've also likely said no to him in the end, too. But keep swinging, guy—Throw a little fire on your personality and I bet you the odds will start rocking in your favor sooner rather than later.

The 'I Can't Breathe When I'm Around You' Guy

This is the guy you denied at seventeen and blinked at twenty-four and realized he's become the hottest thing that ever happened to the world since Brad Pitt in Fight Club. He's the five o'clock shadow, brown-eyed, dark-haired, tattooed, ripped, motorcycle riding guy who somehow wears the 'urban bad boy' style so well that you forget he ever had to shop for it. He's the steal your breath without apology and never get it back guy you can't get out of your brain and pray to God someday you can get a shot with but have to convince your heart he'll never be the one to get down on one knee for you just to save your heart the pending ache. He's your summer fling, spring break romance, off-and-on love story that spans the years and never seems to end up where you want it to. We have all known this guy, fallen for this guy, dreamt of riding off into the sunset with this guy, and likely had one too many 'girls night therapy sessions' in order to realize it's best to just do what it takes to get over this guy. He was born to break hearts and somehow yours was destined to be on his list, whether he even knows it or not. But despite your every effort, he's the one you'll never regret and never forget, no matter how much time passes by. He's the one you'll always miss, always love, and never truly ever get over—and somehow you've come to terms with it. Remember him? I know you do.

The 'I Choose You' Guy

This is the guy who you want to take home to momma and eventually will say 'I do' to guy. He's the one that provides you the healthy mix of contentment and commitment. He's the head (and sometimes) over heart choice that reflects your maturity and is the guy you want when you’re ready to get serious. He's the guy who is okay with taking things slow, is somehow incredibly trusting and easy going, wants to provide and give you your greatest dreams, and becomes your best friend throughout your time together. He makes sense. He is the guy all of your friends rave about and tell you every day to not mess it up with. He tells you that you're doing great because he’s set on being your biggest fan when in reality you're an emotional crazy wreck who acts like a psycho more days than not. He'll likely rarely give you the sparks you've felt with other flings, but his qualities trump the craving for adolescent fleeting feelings and somehow you’ve decided to settle in and go with it. He's the smart choice, the wise and comfortable decision, the end game guy who gets the girl right before the credits roll. To all of my single ladies, we all know this guy—he's your sister's husband, best friend's boyfriend, and coworker's fiancé. Hold out for him and someday you will find each other!

So am I right or am I right?

Whether you do anything with this information or just scroll on and leave behind what we’ve covered here today, I’m just here to remind you that we’ve all dated them, we’ve all loved and hated them, and life goes on with or without them! They're the guys who have helped us discover who we are, what we want and where we're going from here.

And on a final and more sentimental note—Remember that there's no right or wrong in dating and in love, there is only who is right for you in the season you're in. As we grow into ourselves, tastes change and people do, too. The choice is yours to make, the dream romance is yours to fight for and the story is always yours to write. Remember that, always.

May we all find happiness in whomever each of our end guy winds up being and may we all find laughter, life, love, and happiness in the in-between.

All my love,



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Savannah McKinley

Love God, Love People, Enjoy Life.

Nashville, TN

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