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Every Man Should Seek Out A Dramatic Woman

A little drama sharpens you up. And teaches you a lot!

By Ellen "Jelly" McRaePublished 15 days ago 6 min read
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For most men I've spoken to about dating women, the perfect woman is safe.

Though the men haven't said exactly that word, everything they use to describe their desirable mate falls into the safe category.

They want a woman who likes what they like. A woman who doesn't complain ever and doesn't have any emotional rollercoasters. Though all admirable qualities, a robot is what they want.

A woman who sits there doesn't have much personality to worry about and agrees with everything you say. A safe person.

Well, that idea is all good in theory, if you find the theory appealing. It sounds pretty boring to me.

But considering women have personalities, feelings, and emotions and go through life the same way you do, good luck finding your robot.

Despite it being an impossible search, men shouldn't want a robot-like woman to date. They don't do anything for finding and sustaining a good relationship. Nor do they help you become a better person through your relationship.

If I were a man on the hunt, I would want a dramatic woman every day of the week. Here's why.

They aren't boring, a snooze fest…

Dramatic women aren't boring. I'm sure you already know that.

They often feel unpredictable with what's going on in their life. It can feel like there's something new going on all the time because they're always bringing you into every facet of their life.

Here's the question; do you really want a boring woman?

We tend to shy away from boring friendships that don't feel exciting or real. We tend to walk away from relationships when it becomes boring, predictable, in the worst possible way, and stale.

Why would you want something whose boring, in your eyes, from the start?

Men leave good women over boredom. And vice versa.

Whilst we're on the subject of the unpredictability of dramatic women, I do want to clarify this opinion.

Dramatic women, as we've come to know them, aren't wildly unpredictable. Even if that's what they feel like to you, every person becomes predictable after a while.

You know when they're having a bad day by their demeanour, what they say, how they say it. You know when they feel happy by the same things.

When they feel unpredictable it's usually because you aren't putting together the pieces.

Every human is predictable once you get to know them. And remember what has happened in the past.

They help you see the world from a different perspective

Dramatic women, as society has labelled them, have a wonderful point of view about life.

You might see them as getting too excited about something that has happened to them or bringing unnecessary attention to themselves. But dramatic women aren't all narcissistic.

The drama isn't all about them. It can be about other people who need help, good causes, or people who can't speak for themselves.

A dramatic woman's volume helps you see things about the world you couldn't see before. It helps you find out about life and people from a new perspective.

And their excitement for the world can be infectious. 

It can help you become passionate about life in a way you didn't have before. It can help you express what you have buried inside but feel like you can't.

They help you better evaluate relationships

Dramatic women often have interesting relationships with people, to say the least. They're known to fight, combat with people in their life and speak their minds, which leads to arguments.

Whilst not all these arguments are healthy, many of them are honest. This cliched dramatic woman doesn't hold back because it's the socially polite thing to do. They say what's on their mind.

I stress this is only some. Sometimes it's not them who invites the drama.

What it means most of the relationships they have are real. They have to work through the highs and lows and need to constantly evaluate their relationships to better their life.

This rubs off onto you in the best possible way. They help you see how your relationships are, how genuine they are and whether they're really bringing happiness to your life.

We could all use that once in a while, by the way. A little drama never hurt a relationship. And a little testing can never hurt the strength of your bond.

They help you get what you want

One of my favourite quotes about life is an anti-quote. Bear with me for a moment.

You know the quote; the meek shall inherit the earth.

Well, I like the opposite. The meek don't inherit shit.

People who sit there, quiet, letting the world come to them in their own quiet way don't get anywhere in life.

I've seen it happen to me, my friends, and my family. Staying silent hardly gets you what you want in life. Letting other louder, more passionate people take the spotlight doesn't always stop you from getting your dreams, sure. But their way of doing things gets results.

Dramatic women help you be the anti-meek. They help you find a voice, use that voice and share with it the world.

The way they go about life is infectious. You can always use this drama people hate to your advantage.

And if it's not helping you, it's at least demonstrating how a little drama in your life isn't harmful when you're pursuing your dreams. Or trying to make the impossible a reality.

They help you to see what it's like to date a normal woman

As you may have gathered by now, I'm not such a fan of the dramatic label for women.

All women are dramatic. All women have sides of them that someone is going to find dramatic.

I went to an all-girls school; every day was something new with a different girl. Everyone had a moment. No one escaped having a dramatic moment.

It's called being human.

And whilst I'm at it, all men are dramatic. Everyone is dramatic. Everyone has their problems, reactions, the ups and downs. Everyone has moments when it's all about them, whether they admit to it or not.

It's all a matter of opinion; one person might seem non-dramatic to you but seems dramatic to me.

You might think you're pretty easygoing. But if I ask one of your friends? You're the dramatic one.

What about the drama queens?

I know some of you are going to chime in and talk about the women you know who aren't just a little dramatic or have dramatic tendencies. They are full-on drama queens.

You've dated them. You've been friends with them. You've fallen out with them. They're always the same and it's impossible to see any good sides of being with them. Am I right?

There are always going to be people who take it too far. They're the true outliers with personality disorders to match.

Those people, those dramatic women, aren't as prevalent as the romantic movies or cliches have us believe.

And once again, it's all opinion too.

So what does that mean for your dating?

Shying away from dramatic women might mean you're cutting down your dating pool too far. You're excluding more people than you realise, and making it harder for yourself to bond with women.

If you think every woman is dramatic, it's going to be tough to make a connection with anyone.

And you're never going to get past the basics of having a relationship with a woman.


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  • Jay LeTron Dobbins3 days ago

    I like to keep things safe. Maybe in my age, the less drama, the better. I still like a woman to challenge me. Good read, but I disagree some aspects

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