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End Of The Road

by Cathy Deslippe 9 days ago in humanity

Struggling To Keep Moving Forward

End Of The Road
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The journey in life isn’t all set in stone, or is it always going to be the path you dreamed of.

Identifying with which roads or road you hope to take is the first step. Identifying with why you want to take this journey, what positives it has to offer you, is the next step.

Journeys describe different aspects, example would be mind, body and soul.

Living with depression after severe trauma in ones life, leads one in a journey they never wished or wanted. We see this with many soldiers who have been to war. What they have witnessed, endured painfully leaving them to live in life in constant fear.

Personally trauma in my life at a young age turned me to my passion of writing. Writing became my coping mechanism and a early publication at the age of seven. Identifying the trauma, although at a later age helped me to seek professional help.

Identifying the trauma, moving forward and focusing on the positives, what I learned from my past has made me a stronger woman. My coping has empowered me to try new things , challenge myself daily and never look back, only at my strengths.

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“The Perfect Body -Or Image”

The comparisons of image, size, either men or women can be heartbreaking. The world stereotypes what the perfect image of what women and men should look like ~ is both discouraging and not fair.

The beauty and self worth lies within ones soul. Learning not to compare yourself to others, but embracing who you are. What you want to wear, how you style your hair (or not). Embrace the beauty of yourself in every way ~Make life about yourself rather than others as much as you can, everyday.

The Roads Or Road To Choose

I choose the roads of nature, passions of wildlife and the beauty of Mother Nature. We tend to appreciate the things or places that we always don’t get the chance to go to.

Such as it is with travelling. My goal is to travel as much as I can in my own country of Canada. Possibly going back to the United States to see family and friends.

Although I have travelled and camped with my spouse in the Rocky Mountains in a tent. Fun encounters with Bears, Moose and Rocky Mountain sheep, I know I am destined to return again.

Fresh air, connecting with my inner soul and embracing time with the man I was soon to marry. Was both educational and rewarding.

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Struggling To Find Happiness In The Workplace

Aging With Knowledge, personally this is the name of a website. I set up to share with others close to my age. In fact many who are in their late fifties or sixties struggle to even think of moving forward ,feeling like they are at the end of the road.

That is why I set up the page, sharing life experiences pertaining to activities I do, opportunities I am interested in and most of all possibilities of owning my own small business.

Education online is another that I share. Learning new things helps gain confidence and bring you hope at any age.

Heading closer to my 60 Birthday, my dream job gone after closing the doors. My heart was broken, my career was gone, most importantly so many wonderful people that shopped in the store,I missed dearly.

I felt like a loved one had past. The last day was the hardest day. I grieved the lost yet still I was determined to find things that fulfilled my day and brought me purpose.

Always taking courses on line, volunteering in ways of helping others less fortunate, brought me lots of joy. Than after researching and finding information on all the things I could do! All from the comfort of my home, still connecting with others and enjoying myself. Gave me the power to keep going on and never give up.

After all the busier and more confidence one gains, brings you joy and gratitude.

Only A Few Of My Accomplishments

Yet so much more awaits for me.

Lots of knowledge to learn,

No dead ends just journeys.

Positive hopes gaining positive qualities.

Looking forward to hearing from you and what kind of things you enjoy doing. @[email protected]

Cathy Deslippe
Cathy Deslippe
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Cathy Deslippe

A published author at 7 years of age. International writer with other authors, wrote together, all royalties went to Cancer patience with no insurance for treatment. Every day I challenge myself to learn something new.,

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