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Embrace Your Inner Goddess

by Unknown 5 years ago in advice / how to / humanity / love
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Every day we wake up and are faced with choices. Every choice that we make has an outcome. Life is a lot like, a choose your own adventure book. When we make a choice our life takes us in different directions. If we decide to not make a choice, that is a choice in its self. Not deciding has its own set of consequences, but I will go into that a little bit later, without getting too far ahead of myself.

Everyone has different struggles, many of us walk through life masking our feelings and carrying these burdens alone. It can be so easy sometimes for us to make judgments, based on other's behaviors, decisions, and choices. This is because we can only see what is on the surface. The important thing to remember is, that those who make us suffer are usually the people who are suffering the most. Think about a time in your life when you were not quite yourself. We all have those times when we are struggling.

Looking back on these times of struggle, did you like the person that you were when you were facing this challenge? Did you have support, love and the care that you needed to work through these struggles? If you answered "yes", then you are among the lucky few! Many of us sadly, face these challenges alone, without the support, love, and care of others. Without having that “go-to” person to confide in or shoulder to cry on, sometimes these struggles get internalized and eventually they begin to make their way back to the surface. When this happens, we can become bitter, unhappy and even depressed. When someone is acting in a way that is deemed as “unlovable,” this is when they are silently screaming for help and need our love the most.

I truly believe that the most beautiful people are those who have been through a lot because those are the people who can appreciate the good in the world. These are the people who have fought and made it out onto the other side. These are people who know what it means to work for something, to chase a dream and have felt defeat. They have a deep compassion for others and can sense things that others only blindly observe. These people are what I refer to as, “earth angels.” Their silent beauty and gentle touch have the most beautiful impact on those around us. When we need them the most, they find their way to us and once their purpose has been met, they will move on.

You have probably heard the saying that “Beauty is only skin deep.” Well, this couldn’t be any more accurate. We can put on our “war paint,” as my husband calls it (aka. makeup) but, there is not enough war paint in this world - to cover up a dark soul. External beauty has no relation to the goodness without one’s heart. When we judge other's solely on their external beauty, we neglect to see what lies beyond the surface.

To open our hearts fully to others, we must first learn to love ourselves. Self-love is equally important for a happy and healthy life. When I talk about the importance of self-love, I am not referring to egoism. I am referring to loving yourself in a way, that you no longer look outside of yourself to measure your self-worth. When you love yourself, your world will begin to open in a way that you never knew was possible. Your soul will begin to heal, your mind will expand and your dreams will begin to manifest. When you learn to love yourself, you will be focused on what really matters and happiness will become achievable.

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