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Don't Try to Change the World

Do this instead

By Big DreamsPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Rescue a Dog in Need

Sully was shot in his eye by the previous owner.

Taking this dog in who no one wanted, an abused dog who was sad and depressed, was one of the few things I am really proud of doing in my life.

I see other dogs I can't take in. I want to, but I can't afford to, and I'm just me.

But I can take in one. Maybe two down the road when Sully is trained better, when I'm more secure in how to handle dogs.

This is my world. My small sphere of influence. I am not a Ghandhi, or a JFK.

I am not even close to being perfect, or wise, or special in any way.

I just wanted a dog, and I wanted to love him and give him somewhere to feel wanted and safe.

I see things happening in the world that scare me, disgust me, shame me, embarrass me for my country and my species.

I can't do anything to change these things.

i can only change the small environment around me.

I can grow a plant or help a family member who is having a tough time financially, or who needs a place to stay. I can take some cans of fruit down to the local food bank once a month.

I can try to say something nice to someone who is obviously feeling the strain of the world a little more than I am, even someone who isn't saying nice things to me.

The world is going to do things the world does. It has its cycles, its rhythms.

We seem to just be along for the ride.

There are factors that are unknown to us but are hinted at in religions and mythology.

It's the story we all share, the Hero's Journey. I suspect each of our journeys' take lifetimes.

There is something much bigger going on. Seemingly natural forces that sweep like tides over time and history. We are smaller versions of whatever it is. Our lives are fractal versions of the larger.

I don't think we can change whatever this story is. It has to play out according to the storyline. I think we do have free will but are also following a pattern we can't control. It is no different than having to follow the laws of physics. You can jump, but only so far. And you can't jump to the moon.

I think that when we are evolving, which is according to a set natural route, that we MUST evolve, whether we want to or not. You might not want to grow five inches taller and develop body hair, but when it's time for puberty, you can go kicking and screaming, but you are still going to arrive.

If we are evolving now, and I think we are, not everyone's going to like it. The nest is stirred up, but the flow of things is still in its natural direction. Growth usually involves pain and confusion. I see no difference with what is happening in the world right now.

All anyone can do, I think, is to help each other through it.

I think things will get better, and sooner than I suspected before. I had lost hope for a long time. If I can have hope, so can you. If you can only stay in your own bubble, that's OK. Your bubble touches other bubbles. Just make sure the energy you are sending out is positive, rather that sad or angry.

I had no idea what I was going to say when I started this story. I'm not sure how the story ends. But I am fond of good endings. That's usually how they all play out.


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Big Dreams

Writer and artist who loves dogs, beaches, coffee and solitude

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  • Test4 months ago

    Your writing is simply amazing.

  • Dana Esposito8 months ago

    Your words resonated deeply within me. I was particularly moved by your profound statement that “growth” is often accompanied by moments of “pain and confusion “ as well as your beautiful metaphor of “bubbles” intertwining, where a “bubble” delicately brushed against others. Moreover, your wise advice to ensure that the “energy” we emit is one of “positivity,” rather than “sadness or anger,” truly struck a chord with me. Thank you! 🪴👍

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