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Do You Have an Unfaithful Partner?

by Brody Stubbs 4 months ago in dating
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That Is Why the Issue of Infidelity Is Affecting More and More Relationships

Do You Have an Unfaithful Partner?
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Everyone wants to have a partner with them who will offer them love, understanding, and protection at all times. In addition, for a close relationship, the definition of love adds compatibility and sexual satisfaction.

But what happens when, after a while, the couple's passion decreases in intensity? The answer, for most of us, is to rekindle interest in other people of the opposite sex to give us what we lack. From here to infidelity is only one step.

Who is to blame?

When things stagnate in the couple, and the partners no longer feel the same pleasure for every moment spent together, the blame does not belong to only one, but both.

The management of the couple's relationship is the equal responsibility of the two partners, and the key to reducing the tension is to identify the problems and find solutions to solve them. An overly annoying girlfriend, a boyfriend who neglects you, an unsatisfactory sex life, exacerbated jealousy, financial setbacks, stress at work - anything can contribute to the lack of interest in your life partner.

And not only one partner is to blame for these factors, but certainly, both contribute to the installation and intensification of the marital conflict. How so? For example, how many times, when you have noticed a change in the other person's behavior, have you adopted the same attitude, distance, and cold, imagining negative scenarios, instead of communicating directly and honestly with your loved one?

The more you let time pass, hoping that it will go away on its own or that the other will take the first step, you risk that the problem will be amplified, and you two will move further and further away, re-profiling yourself towards new ones. people.

Why infidelity and not separation?

Because not everyone is willing to give up the feeling of "home", the protective nest that only a place of yours offers you, in which you feel protected, as well as some benefits that your relationship brings. Moreover, some are willing to forgive those who commit adultery because of their emotional dependence on their partner.

Others stay with their partners out of habit or convenience, or for the sake of the children. Why give up all this, when after filling their gap in extramarital "delights", they can return to their partner? Of course, remorse and remorse may or may not occur, depending on one's mentality, one's principles, and the rules that govern one's relationship with one's partner.

For some, love, marriage, sex, and fidelity still form an inseparable whole, while others may distinguish and separate them. But one thing is certain: once you no longer find your attractive partner and no longer have eyes only for him, you will be tempted to look for someone else with whom to live strong emotional emotions again.

From that moment on, your relationship will be permanently compromised, because you will lie to yourself that everything is going well, despite the existing and unrepaired deficiencies within the couple.

While some even believe that infidelity could drive a broken marriage, the vast majority would never tolerate adultery, preferring separation to neglect, frustration, and guilt in the couple. Precisely because of this guilt, adulterous heaven is almost always turned into hell.

Is everyone prone to infidelity?

Under certain conditions, each of us is inclined towards a physical or emotional closeness, in the field of fantasy or reality, the desire to be with someone other than the couple's partner may or may not materialize. But it does exist when certain factors trigger it.

First of all, it should be noted that infidelity is attributed to a primary instinct that tempts man to novelty, adventure, and the unknown. And it applies equally to both women and men, although the latter makes it easier to distinguish between sexuality and love.

In contrast, women who are more willing to venture out during ovulation, when estrogen levels are higher, have a fulfilling sex life only with the man they love deeply.

No one can deny their hormones and instincts, which produce a feeling of happiness and mobilize energies in the presence of an attractive person of the opposite sex. But man is also endowed with reason, logical thinking, with a soul capable of deep feelings.

The two sides, instinct and reason, often incompatible and contradictory, must be balanced to have a close relationship, which will fulfill you from all points of view.

According to a European survey, 20% of women and men say they have not cheated and do not intend to betray their partner, because they do not feel the need, do not want to hurt or endanger their precious relationship.

What can be done to prevent infidelity?

Behind any extramarital escapade is a good reason: a sentimental deficit, an exacerbated erotic cerebral or unresolved tensions in the couple. But one reason, perhaps stronger for infidelity than those mentioned, is the boredom and monotony of the conjugal couple.

It has been scientifically proven that routine can destroy even the most passionate love stories. That is why each partner should give each other an individual space for development so that they can evolve, change, and at the same time keep the couple alive and interesting.

Do not accompany your partner everywhere, instead go out with friends in the city. Besides the common passions, it would not hurt to carry out other individual activities that will make you happy and occupy your time for the development of your spirit.

Also, sex life and its quality is an essential component, a real bond in the relationship. Be open and attentive to what pleases the other and always find ways to reinvent your intimate life.

Offer small surprises to your partner from time to time. Try to surprise with your attitude, behavior, activities, clothing style, or personal look, so that you first feel good about yourself, and then capture and maintain the interest of your partner.

Do not settle down too comfortably in your daily life as a couple, because you will slip more and more into a pleasant routine, but also boring.

Last but not least, don't forget to improve your communication as a couple and don't leave problems unresolved and unresolved. Put selfishness aside and be the first to initiate communication when tensions escalate.

Offer yourself moments of relaxation and rediscover your loved one, so that you can always decide, over and over again, for the same partner. There may always be someone who looks better than your partner in a certain area of ​​married life, but, likely, he or she will not fully thank you either. And not the next one that will arouse your interest.

This is because it is rare for a single person to be able to meet all your needs. And not many can strike a balance between patience and morality. Love must be maintained so that you can have a successful relationship that will make you feel truly happy.


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