Do Words Matter?

by Angel Tapia 2 years ago in humanity

Words matter for better or worse.

Do Words Matter?

To some people, this question seems a bit odd to ask. If you think about it, this is a pretty simple question but it can be really difficult to answer.

We live in a world where everything we say matters, for better or worse. Words are instruments for our everyday and like instruments, they tend to be useful when needed but also fragile like any other prop in our everyday life. From what I’ve seen throughout my years growing up, I can say that words serve many purposes. We use words to build bonds. We use bonds to have that one person we trust to share how we feel during that moment or share how our day was. Words are ways we can describe to other people how we are feeling during that moment or at least gives us the ability to talk to others. We use words to express the way we feel about a particular subject. This could be taken in a good and bad way. Words give us the ability to share our thoughts about a particular issue, whether it’s political or not. Whether if it’s good or bad is up to another person on how they use words or what their ideals are. We use words to put down people, whether it’s our intention or not. Some words are just meant for wrong doing or they just seem to be inappropriate for some people. It all depends on that particular person and what they have experienced.

We use words to talk, share, and just have a good time with others. We all have friends and/or family who we share our lives with. How would we go every day without talking to a single person? Family and/or friends are not just titles we put on people to label where they belong in our life but it is also a bond that must be kept. To gain a bond we share our daily struggles, our mindset, and our stories with those special people. How do we do such a thing? We use words! Words are not just a way to get what we want or to get through your daily life when working or going to school. Words are, also, meant for building relationships. Do you think that your partner was only interested in how you look? For some people, yes, but they are mostly interested in what you say. If someone likes you only for how you look, it’s a guarantee that the relationship will fall apart because of the lack of communication. It’s all about bonds and words have the ability to build bonds. But even if words bring people together, it also has the ability to pull people apart.

Everyone has their own views on issues that we face today. Issues like “climate change”, “gun control”, “immigration”, and many others are what draw us apart as human beings. Just bringing up the topic might start some tension in the room, not to mention what people would say just to get people to join their side. Without words, we wouldn’t be able to share our own ideals and beliefs. My point is that it’s so important that people are able to give their own ideas about specific topics because it gives them freedom. Freedom to say what they want to say on a specific issue that they truly believe in. Words brings the freedom to express themselves. But as I stated before, this could be taken in a good and bad way. Sometimes people ideas could be used for the wrong reasons.

Our world has been using words for centuries in many different languages and it has not changed except for their meaning. For example, the word “negro” use to be normal to say to describe a black man but now people think of it as a racial term. If you say that word to a black man in the middle of the street, they’ll take it as an offense. Other words have been used to describe one person; based on their race, gender, culture, and belief. There are many words that can describe a single person or a group of people and, somehow, we humans keep making up new words to describe a specific group of people. Why do we do this? Because that is how we are. We can’t resist using the word “bossy” to describe a person because sometimes that’s how that person really is. We can’t resist saying the b-word, a-word, f-word, and so on and so forward. No matter what word we say, something will offend another because so many people have so many different meanings behind many words. Some people just like to take that opportunity and make it as a generic insult to a large group and once that person starts to use it as an insult, everyone else will start to take it as an offense.

Words matter for better or worse. We use words to build relationships, to express how we feel about an issue, and it’s sometimes used just to insult another person. Even if I don’t like to admit it, I use words because of all of these reasons. I love to build relationships with other people. I would like to share about an issue that is in today’s world. I sadly do put people down without knowing that I am by using the words “fat” and “ugly” as a joke. We all did all three of these things and one might feel too proud to admit it but there’s no problem admitting it. We need words, for better or worse.

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