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by JaaPaah 6 months ago in social media

Learning the Hard Way

The craziest thing just happened to me. I honestly don't even know where the hell to begin.

Let's start at the beginning of September. I was 20. I was excited about turning 21, because I'd finally be legal and won't get in trouble for the "adult indulgences" that I had been doing.

Anyway moving on to the 4th or 5th of September and my parents and I were sitting around laughing and joking about how there are many people out there getting paid just to talk to people on the daily or when they feel lonely (I'm describing the job of a sugar baby; there are male and female babies as well as sugar mommies and sugar daddies).

Well my not so smart ass had to jinx myself by saying, "Ha, well the next guy that comes in my messages talking about making me his 'sugar baby' I'm going to do it," now a little background about my family, if we say something like that in front of at least 2 other members, we have officially obligated ourselves to do what we said we would do.

So, around 7:40 that evening, I"m scrolling through my Instagram accepting random followers and I get a direct message (DM) from a man and he's complimenting me and overall says, "I'll pay you $7,000 a week to be my sugar baby, send me your cash tag, and a valid email address so that we can start the process."

Here's where I messed up.

1. I talked myself into believing that this guy was being honest with me. My gut feeling was telling me to ignore him after that but I'm a college girl, I live at home with my parents, I don't have a job, I don't have a car, so hell I figured it was a good idea to pay this guy $50 to some random account on cash app that he sends me.

2. I went against my gut AGAIN after reading the guidelines that Cash App has online, you can GOOGLE IT and it will tell you in black and white clear as the dang sun, that you can send and receive any amount of money on cash app to any user. So after I lose the $50 I'm like alright what's going on. He's giving me the run around and I'm really hurt that I allowed myself to just give away $50 knowing my broke ass doesn't have any type of income whatsoever. (I depend on the school money that I get, and my mother.)

So, a few hours pass, I'm a night owl, I'm still awake and the same dude is still pressing me about more money to get the money cleared to my account and all that bologna. I just block him and his little helper female from Instagram. Not even a week later, two more guys are at the same type of scam. I was like no thanks right off that bat and I was smart those couple of times.

It's been a good month now, and there's another older man and a woman. Both of them direct message me and I some what lean more towards the woman this time, just to see what she's all about, and my dumb ass sends her $30. I got duped again, and I blocked her and the guy but thankfully I didn't send any money to him.

Now this past week of November, has been so damn comical I am just overly, completely, and in utter disgust with myself that I don't even want to share this but I need to vent because if I don't, I might do something that I'll regret more than this.

But anyway, this man direct messaged me on Instagram (at this point I need to delete all social media) and he says his name is James. So I'm like alright, I'll hear him out. We chat for about 30 minutes and he's like, "I want you to be my sugar baby," I'm honest with him, "Well, I've been scammed twice, how do I know you're different?" He tells me to text him, sends me his phone number. We talk for about a day, and then two weeks go by and I don't hear anything from him.

I go through my contacts, delete his number and move on. I'm telling myself it is what it is and I just carry on as normal. The Saturday afternoon at the football field, I get a message from a number saying:

#: Hello my baby, how are you today

me: who is this?

#: this is James Daniel, your sugar daddy

So in short, I hold the conversation with him, very brief and I'm just like, what in the world. But he was texting me for about a week and was mentioning paying me and everything else. So I send my cash tag, and my email address, but this time, he somehow used my email address to access my cash app account.

I cannot make this up. He was sending me emails, and asking for codes from the emails, and then he asked for my cash card pin number that I had just got by the way, and now I had to close that cash account and make a new one. But my address was linked to my cash app so now I am stuck with being embarrassed, humiliated, and feeling plain out stupid.

But I did more research because I know that there are some true, honest, genuine people that will have sugar babies or what not because the real ones WILL NOT EVER EVER EVER ASK YOU FOR MONEY. But I don't know what to say, do, or what to expect next because these past few months has been nothing but a hot damn mess for me.

Moral of the story, Please do not be like me. Do not allow yourself to make stupid mistakes like giving out small amounts of sensitive and personal information. Just Don't It.

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