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Cutest Things You Can Say to Your Boyfriend

Gestures meant for your boyfriend and not anyone else are the cutest things you can say to your boyfriend.

By Devon ThomasPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

How long they choose to love you will never be your decision. And each time you start a new, if you do, you'll find that each love is different. Love will demand things of you one minute and give you things another. To keep up with love you'll need to cast off your reservations about how to express your love. There's one rule to follow: don't worry!

So long as it comes from your heart whatever you say to your boyfriend is going to rank among the cutest things you can say to your boyfriend. That might mean singing him songs with made up words, describing how you want to eat his earlobes, or a small smile in a quiet room. All that matters is that it's true.

Call Me by Your Name set a new bar for romance, and we don't mean going to town on a peach. Legs intertwined, speaking slowly, hands on each others faces, and a simple request, "Call me by your name and I'll call you by mine." This is one of the cutest things you can say to your boyfriend. Our hearts are melting! And if he's not onboard, kick him out of bed and call up the fruit or vegetable of your choice.

Nonsense Words

Opening up your heart again may be a huge challenge, but if you find yourself tangoing with romance yet again then you may be surprised by how easily you give yourself over to pet names and nonsense words. Soon enough you'll be saying "I don't give a shmoop about a shmup!" and laughing yourself silly.

What does it even mean to be a shmoop?! Who cares?! You're just happy to say it to somebody, to shout, "Shmooooops!"at the top of your lungs! Just try not to shout the cutest things you can say to your boyfriend across the aisles of stores because it may embarrass him too much. "Yo, shmoops, I'm in frozen vegetables!" Although, if he's too embarrassed by your love maybe you should bite off all his fingers and use them as crudités.

Non-English Pet Names

"Mon petit chou chou," means, "My little cabbage," in French. Cabbage is a vegetable that has sustained humanity for millennia. Its ties to fertility are known to all of us thanks to Cabbage Patch Kids. Also, "Cabbage cabbage"? That's one of the cutest things you can say to your boyfriend! The culture you're borrowing the cuteness from doesn't even have to be your own. So, go ahead and call your BF a "piroshok," even if he doesn't know that's Russian for meat bun. Guys love that! And if your guy doesn't, grind him up into a fine paste and use him to stuff a bun.

And this whole time you thought I was being needlessly violent when in actuality I was giving you specific examples of the cutest things you can say to your boyfriend, just like in Punch-Drunk Love. Blood, guts, and viscera are frequent metaphors for how we feel. After all, we often think of feelings as literally being inside us. But you don't have to go full Hostile to let your man know you love him. Maybe just let him know you want to chew on his face, and then do it. Also fun: playfully suck on his nose and then push him away as if you've had your fill.

Lyrics from Lovey Songs

Sometimes the cutest thing you can say to your boyfriend can only be sung to the tune of The B-52's "Love Shack." "With the shmoop-king, yeah you know what I mean, shmoops can make it happen! Shmoop king baby!" Like Fred Schneider, "Shmoop king baby!" "Shmoop king, know what I mean?" "Hugs!" "Shmoop king, know what I mean?" "Pugz!" Come up with songs of your own!

Anything But "Late for Dinner"

You used the most innovative online dating apps to try and now you've turned into a full on lovebug. You know what you can say; but what can't you say? This is a biggy. Basically, anything can be one of the cutest things you can say to your boyfriend except for calling him late to dinner. Do not call him late to dinner! And if he disrespects you by calling you late for dinner then dump his ass. It's less acceptable to call him late to dinner than it is to call him deez. "Deez?" Yeah, deez nutz!

Emotional validation ranks among the cutest things you can say to your boyfriend simply because of how transformative it is to feel less alone. And it doesn't take much effort to make that happen. A simple, "That is a lot to worry about," can go a long way, especially if he's having a bad day. Labeling minimizes the severity of the emotion experienced and that degree of emotional vulnerability will further facilitate intimacy. A hard feeling can make you feel disconnected from others; but feeling more connected can make a world of difference as you find strength in your bond. Why else do you think the toys all held hands at the end of Toy Story 3?! Ack, the feels!

Nothing. Literally.

Sometimes the cutest things you can say to your boyfriend aren't things at all. They're looks, glances, shoulder rubs, smiles, brushing his hair out of his face, or just sitting silently together doing whatever. YOU DON'T ALWAYS HAVE TO FILL SILENCE WITH WORDS! It all depends on your love language.

Dialogue in Puppet Shows

One of the cutest things you can say to your boyfriend involved pulling him into an ongoing role play or puppet show scenario populated by recurring characters, in-jokes, and themes.

"I'm a little puppy without a home. Will you adopt me?" You ask.

"Sure, I'll take you home."

"Okay, but I can be a little aggressive. I hope that's okay."

"It absolutely is."

"Okay, because I've been left along a lot."

"I won't leave you. "

And then you playfully slap your boyfriend in the groin repeatedly. "Boom boom boom! I'm aggressive!"

The cutest things you can say to your boyfriend may depend on your love language. According to Gary Chapman, we give how we like to receive: gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and/or physical touch. Sometimes we run into trouble when our partners don't recognize our love language for what it is, which is why open communication is so important in a relationship. The only relationship that would suffer from more talking is one built on lies!

What makes speaking your own love language especially cute is the investment of self expressed. Emotional vulnerability is punk rock and arguably the source of many of our values. After all, how hard it is to put particular feelings into words is often directly tied with the significance of those feelings in our lives. It's so cute when someone first tells someone else how they feel! That's why there are so many songs about that exact moment. Make a playlist of your favs and send them to you BF!


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