How Long They Choose To Love You Will Never Be Your Decision

by Olivia Grace 2 years ago in love

The Truth About Love

How Long They Choose To Love You Will Never Be Your Decision

Makes sense right? That no matter how much you try, you can never choose how long someone will love you. You can't make someone love you for a specific amount of time. You can't make them feel the same way for years on end. You just don't have the power to do that.

Love is so complicated that we often forget what it means. To love someone or something with all of your being is the epitome of beauty. It is such a natural yet magnificent thing in this world. It is treasured by so many and abused by many more. It is something that is so difficult to explain and so magical to feel.

Sometimes love doesn't work out, and that's okay because how long someone chooses to love you will never be your decision. If someone is going to love you, that's down to them. It's up to them how long they are going to love you; and only them. Maybe that's five years or two months or even three days. You can't make that decision for them. The only thing that is certain is how long you are going to love them. Heck, even that isn't always certain.

Everything is a choice. You chose to have strawberry ice cream instead of chocolate. You chose to buy a green top instead of a red. You chose to love a boy instead of a man. You choose every single thing in your life, except who loves you. You will never be able to make someone love you. It's just impossible. Love cannot be forced nor can it be condemned.

"Stop chasing that boy who doesn't want you."- Olivia Grace

That was brutal and that was harsh but that was true. You know it's true. Stop chasing someone who just doesn't want to be loved. Stop giving your whole being to this boy that just is screaming no. It is not worth it and it's hard to hear. It is so hard to let go but you cannot force love. As much as it pains you it is just impossible. You are worth so much more than someone who doesn't want you. It confuses me as to why women want to settle for anything less than themselves. Put yourself high on that pedestal.

I will say it again and again and again. You cannot choose how long they will love you. You just don't get to control that. Everything happens for a reason and even though that's cringe to hear, it's true. It's so true and raw and trust me; you don't want to be with someone who doesn't want to love you for the rest of their life. It really isn't worth it. You get one life and one life only. To spend it with someone who does not want to love you isn't how you want to spend your life.

So many people are scared to love. Maybe that's because of past experiences. Maybe that's because of something else but you shouldn't judge each man because of a boy's mistake. Don't get caught up in "all men are pigs" and don't let your own experiences put you off. There is someone out there that want's to love you forever but you didn't need me to tell you that.

Remember your worth. Remember your being. Remember your importance. Have high standards and don't settle for anything less. Just because you can't control how long they love you, doesn't mean they won't love you for a long time. Give chances, give opportunities and don't be afraid to love; no matter how many times you fall because of it.

Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace
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