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Convincing others to present facts is more powerful than reason

by Alexander Miller 10 days ago in advice
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Convincing others to present facts is more powerful than reason

Convincing others to present facts is more powerful than reason
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Have you ever thought about having the ability to persuade others easily? In this way, you can get what you want quickly, and you can do what you want to do. Is persuasion a kind of preaching? In this way, you can show your cunning and superhuman level and get the approval and respect of others.

I also love chicken soup essays, inspirational essays, celebrity speeches, and even the preaching of people I think to get along well. When I tested it myself, I found that those principles were useless and could not solve my current problem. Do you want to resign? Do you want to start a business? Do you want to have another child? A set of principles can not fall to the ground. I am getting tired of preaching and reasoning.

Of course, it is not advisable to pin the hope of solving the problem on others. You can listen to other people's opinions, but you don't have to implement them. This is my ten years of experience.

Back to the topic, what if I were to convince others? In what way?

I think the power of action to persuade people is more powerful than words. The reasoning is not entirely useless, but you can see that we have heard a lot of truth from childhood to adulthood, but why is it still wrong? Because at that time, it may suddenly become apparent, but the fact does not guide you on how to take one, two, three, or four steps when facing a problem. Still make choices according to previous habits; life will be the same again soon.

Suppose you want to convince a person with less reason and more facts. To persuade customers at work, you must consider their needs, see how much you can meet, and then formulate countermeasures. Blindly satisfying customers regardless of themselves, customers feel that their requirements are easily satisfied, indicating that there is still room for bargaining. Next time they will be more aggressive. The two sides have a game against each other to make the customer feel that this request is more worthwhile.

In terms of life, if a person is caught in a life problem, you will use the examples and facts around him to persuade him, and the effect will be better.

For example, people who love debates have to face the word poverty. Many people have said that people in the debate circle are poor, and it is challenging to live by argument. Except for some self-delusion, maybe half of it is reality. Professor Yin Wei loves debating. He said: "A debater is obliged to live well for debating." If you love this activity, you should read more, improve yourself, get good grades in exams, and have an excellent job in the future. How can I pay for myself? How to promote to those who want to learn to debate: Debating is a meaningful activity, you see, I have been arguing for four years, and now I earn 2,000 yuan, the debate is excellent", who will come?!"

This living example is persuasion.

It is lazy thinking always to think that it is short and straightforward, that a few words can persuade a person and instill the truth that I don't know where to hear it.

We have practiced that hard work will be rewarded, and we genuinely love to make life more meaningful, to show others the meaning of hard work and the beauty of life. Only then can you convey your self-values ​​to others. When others see your living example, they will increase their confidence. After that, plan and practice; this is the best positive energy.

You say it's impossible; it's too far away. To convince a person, I have to do this, which is not exhausting. Analyze specific issues. What if it's your child? What kind of people want their children to become parents must first become that kind of people. Where is your lover? If you want to transform him, it is as tricky as going to the sky. You might as well be yourself first and show your determination with actions. Living a good life and becoming excellent will affect the people around you, your family, and your friends.

My husband is a person who talks about planning and logic, and I often do things on a whim and do whatever comes to my mind. I usually make a mess and ask him to clean up the stall. For example, when planning a travel route, only the ones that go and those who return are ignored. As a result, there is no way to go back. Similar incidents have happened many times, and my husband said he is PlanB at home. We quarreled initially; he thought I was stupid and wanted to change me; he gave up after a few tossing, took the initiative to do it himself, and no longer complained. He would talk about his logic when I was in a good mood, and gradually I also learned to do things one, two, and three and then taught my sister.

I also know that it is good to do things with methods and logic, but can't I do it? I was very annoyed that I couldn't do it and was even more bothered by being complained about. Anyone who wants to be denied by others and remodeled will refuse to be rebellious. Someone tolerates my mistakes until I know it's okay if I don't do them well. Only then did I feel relieved to try and make mistakes, and then I found some rules and learned how to do things. It is easy for a person to criticize and reform himself, but accepting criticism and reform from others is difficult. Therefore, attitude is critical. If you want to convince people, you must first not let his defensive thorns stand up, making him mistakenly think all this is his own volition.

Not everyone in life is worth doing this, but if you meet someone you care about and want to help, you might as well go a bit far and spend some effort; I think it's worth it.


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