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What do people live for

by Alexander Miller 2 months ago in advice
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People are in control of their destiny.

What do people live for
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People are in control of their destiny. Life is like a bunch of flow; only when you oversee it can you see its beauty; life is like a cup of tea; you can appreciate the taste when you taste it carefully; life is beautiful but short. Some lives are lonely, some are colorful, and different people have different pursuits; life is a one-way line with no return. Everyone is running with their own time, but in the process of running, do we do When it comes to cherishing possessions, cherishing the time that once belonged to us, and cherishing the love that once belonged to us?

I don't remember which person once said such a passage: Life is like a book, there should be more great details and fewer boring words; life is like a song, there should be more upbeat melodies and more occasional sad notes; For example, a painting should have more bright colors and less dark tones. After careful reflection on the meaning of this sentence, we find that in our life, we ​​have missed and lost a lot of things worthy of our aftertaste.

For the sake of our career, we lost the time to get along with our parents; for the sake of a better life, we lost the time to be with our family; for the sake of our illustrative purpose, we even lost the most naive spiritual essence of childhood, and became A beast that only rushes for desire, does not know fatigue, does not know satisfaction, and even loses the distinction between right and wrong. In the face of the total, the total, what have we lost? Is it time, or is it the authentic self?

In the emotional world, people also gather and divide. Many people say that love requires courage, love requires understanding, love requires trust, love requires mutual confession, love requires honesty, and love requires responsibility, but love is not an obligation. Really? Is love not a burden? When your love has crystallized, then you are not only responsible but also have responsibilities, isn't it? Cherish love to have love; having love will lead to longer and better love. Isn't this what people often say about forever? Isn't this the ends of the earth that the myth talks about? Everyone's heart is the world's end; it depends on what angle you stand in. If you say love in your mouth but don't know how to cherish having love, I don't think you will find it even if you search every corner of the world. Any answer, in the end, you are still you, alone.

Everything in life will come to an end. To cherish what you have is not to miss it; to love what you have is to reduce losses; to cherish what you have is not to regret it; to cherish what you have is to have the most significant possession; to love what you have, Once lost, your pain will be minimized. Years later, when you look back on the past, you will not be sad because you don't know how to cherish what you have in life, you will not be sad because you gave up, and when you face the people and things that have passed again, you will not regret it because of your indifference and neglect. And regret. Because you have worked hard and cherished with your heart, you are worthy of your heart, life, love, and even the emotions you have cherished.

Life is like this, gains and losses are impermanent, and everything passing by is considered a landscape; what can occupy memory is happiness. When we look back, we find that setbacks make people strong, parting makes people cherish, and pain makes people sober. Satisfaction will only meet you tomorrow if you turn from the past.


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