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Chinese version of "Provence" : See me how to win gold

Chinese version of "Provence" : See me how to win gold

By Ruban SaundersPublished 7 months ago 11 min read

Under the blue sky and white clouds, the vast and boundless purple flowers are undulating with the wind and fragrant. This is a lavender estate covering more than 500 acres, with beautiful views of Provence. The location has been chosen as a location for the idol drama Summer Love Song, which will be shot in late 2011. The owner is a Beijing boy born in the 1980s. He was in debt and started his own business. He has been defeated repeatedly on the road to find his dream, but he did not give up. Now, he not only extracted lavender essential oil sold to Europe and the United States, won amazing wealth, but also built this land into "China's most beautiful countryside" --

Romantic entrepreneurship,

White collar boy to create a lavender manor

With jeans, a white shirt and a pair of black-rimmed glasses perched on a stiff nose, Jin Shaoqiong, 28, is a gentle looking man from Beijing. After graduating from college in 2007, he became a clerk in a real estate company, working a comfortable, stable 9-to-5 job. But in Jin Shaoqiong's heart, there is always a seed that is ready to move. He studies business management and longs to start his own business, and wants to do a project related to nature. If he can put his love for the mountains and farmland into a career that belongs to him, Jin Shaoqiong believes that he will make great achievements!

At the beginning of 2008, Jin Shaoqiong occasionally saw a group of scenery pictures on the Internet: beautiful lavender flowers all over the mountains. The sea of purple and blue flowers undulated with the wind, just like a dream extended on the earth. The caption said that this is Provence, France, the world's famous "lavender hometown", a purple manor string into the local vast "vanilla kingdom", look around, magnificent! Dozens of square miles, are shrouded in the fragrant fragrance of lavender, the kind of fresh and elegant wooden fragrance, can let a person's mood become quiet and happy.

Jin Shaoqiong was fascinated by the visually stunning scenery in the photos. He IS INFORMED THROUGH CHECK DATA, LAVENDER CALLS VANILLA AGAIN, ORIGINATE IN Mediterranean, ALREADY SPREAD ALL OVER THE WORLD, BUT THE PRODUCING AREA WITH THE BEST QUALITY IS ProvENCE MOUNTAIN AREA. In Europe and the United States, the use of lavender aromatherapy essential oil, skin care products has become a fashion trend. At that time, Jin Shaoqiong came up with a bold idea: could I create a "Chinese version of Provencal vanilla estate" in Beijing, and create wealth by extracting plant essential oils?

After some investigation, Jin Shaoqiong found that the vanilla market potential is very large. At that time, the import rate of domestic lavender essential oil market was as high as 80%. In addition to common purple lavender, herbs such as thyme, rosemary, basil, flower mint, or every western dish indispensable accessories it! Usually just a few herbs are added to bring out all the flavour in a dish. Thinking that the western food industry in Beijing is very developed and the demand for vanilla is also great, Jin Shaoqiong is more confident in starting a business.

After visiting Xinjiang and Northeast China's two largest lavender planting bases, Jin Shaoqiong resigned decisively and left the office building with her entrepreneurial dream. Since then, in order to find a piece of ideal land, in many places around Beijing, have left his footprints. After months of travel, Jin finally settled on the town of Rong County, Tongzhou district, 40 kilometers from Beijing.

This location is quite "learned", because Jin realized at the beginning of his business that the profit model of the herb plantation could be diversified. In addition to extracting essential oils and supplying raw materials for western restaurants, the herb plantation could also open the garden to visitors for a fee! And THIS PIECE OF LAND IS NOT FAR FROM THE CAPITAL IS NOT CLOSE, CAN LET COME ALREADY RECREATIONAL URBANITE HAS A KIND OF OUTING FEELING, ALSO WON'T BECAUSE THE ROAD IS TOO FAR AND FEEL TIRED.

In April 2008, Jin Shaoqiong borrowed more than 100,000 yuan from friends and relatives to start a business. He then signed a 10-year land lease contract with local farmers at 600 yuan per mu of land per year, and paid off the first year's rent. Jin Shaoqiong is ambitious to build a Chinese version of Vanilla Estate in Provence on this 85 mu land!

After many setbacks,

The Chinese version of Provence is back from the dead

Jin Shaoqiong specially introduced more than 100 kinds of excellent quality vanilla seeds from Provence, and began to do experimental planting. He planted 50 acres of the land with lavender and named his farm Prague Manor.

Jin Shaoqiong and dozens of local workers are busy building houses, repairing canals, plowing the soil and sowing and fertilizing the soil. In a few short months, the pale young scholar was dark and thin, but he felt more powerful than he had ever felt.

But to Jin's dismay, stevia, thyme, basil and other herbs have all popped up in the Prague estate. Only lavender, the largest plant area, has remained quiet. He worried unceasingly, and the technical staff into the flower field, the lavender dig open a look. Jin Shaoqiong was stunned when the herb plants were dug out with their roots. The survival rate was almost zero!

The cruelty of reality made Jin Shaoqiong experience the lowest day in his life for more than 20 years. The young man's heart was bleeding at the thought of losing all the money he had borrowed. If they operate according to the relevant technology provided by the country of origin, why can't they grow it?

After a period of depression, Jin soon picked up her mood and decided to start over. After some hard work, he applied to the bank for a loan of 80,000 yuan for college students to start a business. In order to find out the real reason why lavender "died in infancy", he went to Yili, Xinjiang Province again, brought some water and soil from the local, and then used them to grow herbs for experiment.

After some time, Jin and his colleagues finally figured out why the lavender was dying. Originally, here is a typical sandy land, this kind of soil is characterized by large space between particles, loose soil, permeability is good. But this also leads to poor water retention, fertilizer retention, a lack of nutrients, only suitable for planting peanuts, potatoes and other crops. After finding the cause, Jin and his technicians rushed to find a way to improve the fertilizer. After trial and error, they finally found an organic fertilizer suitable for lavender to survive in sand. Unlike chemical fertilizer, this is a relatively slow fertilizer, even if the rain does not lose much.

In 2009, they replanted a batch of lavender seeds. In the days that followed, he and his colleagues got up early and late, taking care of the precious herbs carefully for fear of any further problems.

After some hard work, the lavender seeds of the garden finally broke the ground! The young man was so excited that he got up before dawn every day and spent all day and all night in the flower fields. Seeing the seeds sprout, he quickly led the workers to water and pull weeds in the field. Under his careful care, the lavender was ready for harvest in the autumn of that year. By this time, Jin had already contacted the cosmetics company and negotiated the price of vanilla essential oil, which was to be extracted after the lavender harvest. Jin Shaoqiong never dreamed that at that moment, another disaster fell from the sky!

One morning, when Jin Shaoqiong went to inspect the herb field, he immediately broke into a cold sweat. He saw patches of lavender lying on the ground! The few that did not fall were half dead. Jin Shaoqiong was undoubtedly hit in the head by the premature death of lavender that was about to be harvested. Distraught, he turned to a local gardener for advice.

The other party followed him to Prague farm a look, said they had watered too much, lavender is a waterlogging plant, like a little dry land. According to the expert's advice, Jin tried to drain the flower field and managed to save 30 percent of the lavender.

Refining oil while selling scenery,

"Vanilla Prince" reaps millions

With soil and irrigation problems solved, Jin Shaoqiong finally sees hope in the surviving lavender plants. He then selected some good seeds from the herbs he harvested and began to multiply them indefinitely on dozens of acres of land. Half a year later, the most fragrant lavender flowers finally spread out magnificently on the Prague farm.

Once in a while, a few people would come to the farm to take pictures. Later, with the spread of word of mouth, the number of people who come to this outing, gathering, taking photos and falling in love is increasing day by day. Everyone who is wandering in the sea of flowers is comfortable in mind and body, with a happy smile on his face. Seeing this scene, Jin Shaoqiong finally showed a smile that he had not seen for a long time. He knew that he was about to make his first bucket of gold!

In August 2009, Jin fenced off the entire Prague estate and asked sculptors and painters from Beijing's 798 Art District to design poetic, domed thatched huts, windmills and giant painted sculptures among the fields. In addition, he also launched a Western restaurant, flower tea room, handmade soap art bar and other services in the farm.

Interestingly, whether it is tourism, dining or DIY, all the projects that visitors experience in the Prague estate are related to lavender. Western food accessories, with Jin Shaoqiong planted herbs; Scented tea is made of mint, thyme, etc. It not only tastes sweet, but also has a beauty effect when drunk regularly!

Mr. Wang IS THE PHOTOGRAPHER OF A FAMOUS PHOTO STUDIO IN Beijing. Hearing that there is a "vanilla kingdom" of nearly 100 mu in Tongzhou, he came here with a couple of newlyweds to take wedding photos. As soon as the bride got out of the car, she cheered in surprise: "Wow, how beautiful! I feel myself suddenly become a idol drama "lavender" in the heroine!" Seeing such magnificent scenery for the first time, Mr. Wang was also shocked by the sea of flowers undulating in the wind in front of him. The fragrant smell made him close his eyes. As a result, this set of lavender manor as the location of the wedding photos, shot a stunning effect, not only the hero and heroine are extremely satisfied, it also became the studio to attract customers. As soon as the couple saw the pictures, they said they were going to Prague too!

Later, Jin took the initiative to contact more than a dozen major studios in Beijing, and made his lavender manor their preferred location. Under the collective promotion of these studios, Prague Manor soon became a famous scenic spot. Within a few months, the number of people attending the park had quadrupled, and Jin's income had risen by 70%. In 2010, Jin Shaoqiong ushered in his first year of earning income. After experiencing the hardships of entrepreneurship, he achieved the first 1 million yuan in his life that year!

But as a college graduates to have economic mind, small jin and not being satisfied, he began to think about a new problem: lavender until June and July every year began to blossom, and flowering and only a few months, how to make up for its availability, fragrance of flowers all the year round, swaying on the Prague estate intoxicate? Jin Shaoqiong came up with the idea of growing more varieties.

In July 2010, Jin Shaoqiong rented more than 400 mu of land from neighboring villagers. At this point, the young man finally dream come true, suddenly the venture territory expanded to 550 mu. Soon, in addition to a garden full of lavender, the Prague manor has bright red roses and yellow rapeseed flowers, sunflowers proudly bloom.

Now in the Prague manor, you can see the golden rape flowers in the spring; In spring and summer, a large area of ornamental sunflowers and red roses are in full bloom. In the summer and fall, the breathtaking beauty of lavender spreads throughout the estate. In addition, Jin grows hundreds of different kinds of herbs in the garden, most of which can be used as cooking spices in addition to ornamental. Ms. Jin sells the spices to local Western restaurants in Beijing, and the essential oil from lavender to Shanghai and Hong Kong, as well as Canada and Belgium.

By 2011, thousands of people were visiting the site, which has been dubbed "China's most beautiful countryside" by netizens. Against the blue sky, Prague's lavender fields like deep purple waves, layered up and down in the wind, fragrance of flowers... To his delight, the crew of the idol drama "Summer Love Song", which will be shot at the end of this year, recently set the Prague manor as the location, and signed a cooperation agreement with Xiao Jin.

Today, Jin Shaoqiong has a fortune of tens of millions. What is more important than earning material wealth is that he can keep a lavender manor of hundreds of mu every day to start a business and spread his youth and passion in the beautiful nature. This kind of life itself makes him feel satisfied and happy!


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