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Birthday Post- Reflection

I'm almost 30 lol

By Mattie :)Published 2 months ago • 3 min read
Birthday Post- Reflection
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My 29th birthday was Friday. Honestly I'm feeling overwhelmed by it. to actually say out loud I'm 29 years old is really something.

By Richard Burlton on Unsplash

Although I'm 29 now I still feel so young considering the age difference between me and family members. I still feel really young, yet also a lot older. I guess it will always be that way.

I drank Celsius for the first time yesterday. Oh my gosh guys. It's so good! I've always heard excellent things about it, yet finally got around to trying it myself and I have to say it delivers. I ordered a twelve pack from Amazon which cost around twenty bucks which is actually really nice. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future and adding this to my diet.

By Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

I've become short of a work out addict. I'm not ashamed of that. Growing up dealing with a rare disorder and weaker immune system I've always desired to learn more about health and how to keep myself healthy. It's become a major part of my life and I'm really glad I pursued this. I'd love to join a gym someday, but for now I work out at home which is actually really nice.

I'm a part of a really nice exercise group on Facebook which is super cool. One of my best friends has also really gotten into fitness which is just awesome. I'm proud to have become a workout zombie. Join us lol.

If you can't tell by the way I'm writing I'm in such a good mood. Things are really starting to look up. I've decided I'm going to continue to write fiction and focus more on writing serial, shorter length writing. This just feels like the perfect direction for me. I wish there was more options for micro fiction on here. Like to the mod who reviews this post please give short fiction a chance cause in my opinion Vocal. Media would thrive with shorter posts. I'm not saying it isn't already going good, yet lets keep progressing and making this site the best out there. Who is with me!

My brother is visiting. He's actually in the United States Navy. He was actually stationed in Spain for the last two years, but now will be moving to a new location in the states. It will be nice having him closer to home. I wish I'd gotten a chance to visit him in Spain. That would of been really nice, yet it didn't work out which is fine.

I've been reading from the Marvel Winter Soldier novel. I really enjoy the books within the series. I've also read the Black Widow ones and they're just chef's kiss. I really like how different the novels are from the MCU films. Like they're more in line with the comic books which is really neat. The story leaps between the 1940s and the 50s at least so far what I've read. Bucky is younger than Capt. America and different from his version on the screen which is really cool. I wonder if they're ever make film adaptions of this books on Disneyplus cause that be so cool. We have the multiverse now so anything is possible really.

I'm thankful to be alive and able to share my world with all of you. Writing is my greatest passion. I'm grateful for what I've already learned and what comes next. I will enjoy my final year in my twenties for as long as possible. I'm not really scared about turning 30 next year. I mean yeah it's a big deal, yet I personally don't feel like it will be that much of a difference in age just yet. Until next time take care friends and always be creative!


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Mattie :)

I'm a 29 year old curious and creative soul. Spread love like a wildfire.#NonBinary #Christian #WellsFiction

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great work! Good job!

  • Awesome ✨ and Happy Belated Birthday 🎉 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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