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Best Way To Get Your Ex Back

Easier Than You Think

By Mr.VINPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Best Way To Get Your Ex Back
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One of the best ways to start mending wounds is just to simply not contact your ex for a period of at least 30 days and during this time of no contact there are several things that you can do right now to expedite the process of making your ex return to that emotional neutral state for example if you've done a ton of begging and pleading right after your breakup you can send something that I call the clean slate email template now this is a covert and sneaky email or text that you can send to make your ex forget about all the bad memories that they had of you so that they can eventually replace those ones with nostalgic and happy ones. In some rare cases it take longer than that but in this stage it's important to do whatever you can to recover from the break-up so to put your best foot forward so that you can be mentally ready to contact your ex again in the future when the time is right tip number two is is to basically just become the most attractive version of yourself now guys in order to get that spark back with your ex you're gonna have to become a much more attractive version of yourself and I don't just mean physically either I'm although that does help what I mean is that you need to become a more confident a more vibrant happy powerful version of yourself because remember human beings are attracted to people with equal or higher social status than their own this is true for both sexes but it's especially true for women so in order to regain that feeling you know and get that attraction back you're gonna have to focus on yourself you ultimately want to make your ex look at you and say you know why the hell did I ever let that awesome guy or girl go now of course this is a lot easier than said. Right now you're probably feeling you know pretty shitty and probably becoming the best version of yourself is often the last thing you want to do in your shoes.

Right now I mean understandably so but it's moments like this that define us right I mean some people will tend to drop everything and give up when they face you know even the smallest bit of resistance and these people are destined to live in mediocrity right people who pull themselves up by the bootstraps when they're faced with adversity like what you are right now are ten times more likely to succeed in life that's true fact so let me ask you this do you want to succeed in life or not do you want to live powerfully or do you want to just roll over and give up the choice is up to you of course now let's go quickly into how you can become the best version of yourself so take a pen take a piece of paper and write down all the traits that you think or that you wish you had so for example if you wish you were more confident maybe they're kind of shy write that down and then write down how you want to become more confident so you know do you want to be able to talk to people more easily do you want to make a friend more easily whatever it is come up with a plan of action to help yourself gain that confidence and then stick to it or you know maybe do you want to learn a new talent you know again write that down and then once again come up with a solid plan of action that you're gonna pursue to learn that new talent I mean really guys now is the time to spread your wings and make sure that when you do contact your ex when that time is right and they're gonna be receptive he or she is gonna be helplessly and uncontrollably attracted to you and only you and on a tip number three contact them in in a non-intrusive manner and make sure you contact your ex for a very good reason when you do reach out so I mean when you when you finally do contact your ex and the time is right you really need to craft the perfect message to make sure that you hook them in properly you know if you're if you're too forward with things you're gonna come across as needy and desperate which obviously isn't good but then on the other hand if the message isn't powerful enough then your ex isn't even going to bother to text you back at all or even you're not gonna get any replied off so really you just need to strike that perfect balance so help me explain here's a quick example of a really good message that you can send to your ex after the no contact period ends. Secrect Text that Takes your Love Back.


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