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Believe the facts or read it as a story

Uncommon knowledge challenge

By CosmicAliPublished 3 years ago 8 min read
Believe the facts or read it as a story
Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

What I'm about to tell you, you might not believe me, many have been sceptical and called me crazy, a lot of people have experienced most of this stuff but there a very few rare human beings that have experienced all of these. Some of you will probably have your own opinions, lessons/teachings, perspectives and experiences that are very different than mine, so I suggest you keep an open mind or if you don't believe me then maybe you can just see this as a story instead.

Every creature on this Earth has a soul/spirit/energy, even objects may be protected or haunted by one, every spirit is so very different, some are angelic, light, love, godly, to evil, dark, demonic and dangerous, and everything in between, having both good bad and the balance in everything, so anytime I've had an encounter with a spirit, there has been both good times and bad times, there's been times when I've been haunted and posessed, but not the kind of possession that needs an exorcism, but one where an entity drains my energy, makes me feel angry, impulsive, depressed and forgetful all the time.

Then there are times where I can call out to my angels, guardians and the custodians of the land to help me with things like whenever; I need a car park, I need safety, and I ask for/creating a manifestation, it's kind of like a prayer as I include saying aloud at least 3-5 things I am grateful for.

I've been highly connected to spirit (oh whatever you want to call it) my whole life, it was really bad through my adolescent years after my friend and grandpop had passed away and my grandpop and nan's spirits kept visiting me at times when I felt vulnerable in school, home and in public making me cry a lot, and I felt like no one understood me.

Before my grandpop passed away, my friends and I had played Ouija board for the first time by trying to connect with a friend's grandfather who had passed away too, we got to talk to him for a little bit but then it was taken over by a bad spirit or a demon who began to haunt me for a couple of years after that. This bad entity was able to move stuff physically, he could push me to the ground, he managed to take off and smash a mirror that had been stuck on my wall and couldn't come off even with tools, he kept whispering horrible things to me all the time especially when I was around people as he was purposely trying to drive me insane. Eventually I told my mum who it turns out is the reason I'm like this, it's in our blood, her and my nan could both connect to spirit, so she cleansed me and the house, did a few healings and rituals to send him away, and about a year or two later he was slowly but eventually gone. That was just my first bad experience. This bad entity plus my nan and pop's spirits always around me, drove me insane through the first few years of high school. Luckily after a few years I found my way around dealing with it all.

Over the years I've gone through being able to see, feel and hear spirits, then onto just hearing them, then just feeling them etc, it changes all the time, even the way I sensed them changed like I see them differently than I used to. Later on in life I started to feel much more than spirits, I could feel more of myself like my blood flow, my instincts, my energy flowing out and other energies coming in, I could think of someone then later that day I'd see them, I could tell when something is about to happen whether I envisioned it or just felt it, and I knew what people were gonna say and do like I could mirror them if I wanted too (which I did do a few times).

Then one day, it got so much more intense, I started to read or more like hear people's minds, there were times where if I wasn't looking at someone I thought they were talking and I would reply but turns out they were just thinking what I heard, freaked out a couple people, including myself, that is one psychic ability or "superpower" I will never want to experience again, I really don't understand why so many people want to read minds? It drove me crazy! Personally I think your mind is your most private possession and in this world, in this day and age, we don't get much privacy anymore.

After that, my psyche kicked it up a notch when one day it was triggered and I got really angry. To this day I still can't remember what I was angry about but whatever it was it took me to tantrum mode, where I went into my room slamming the door, yelling, screaming and punching my pillows. I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror on my desk, I was about a metre and a half away from the desk, my hands holding each other against my chest, I then yelled and threw my arms out feeling a lot of energy go through my chest to my shoulders, arms then hands, and I clearly remember that I didn't touch anything because I couldn't reach my desk from where I was standing, and everything on my desk had flown off in the direction my arms went, like the energy that flew out of me had blown everything off my desk. I was in so much shock that I dropped to the ground still crying but also very confused. I looked up telekinesis on the internet and found someone who had that ability, he mentioned little tricks to do with it and how to control it, mentioning that it's very hard but also the safest to do it when calm and that you must be good a meditation and keeping calm, and it's easy but dangerous to use when in a negative emotion. The next time I was around a bunch of people, there was about 20 of us in a room, we were all sitting around drinking and smoking weed, I took some of the telekinesis man's tricks and had the idea to practice them on people here and make them do little safe stuff like itch themselves, pick their nose, laughing for no reason, and I managed to do all of that after an hour of trying it, but then this hippy guy with dreads came up to me and said,

"I know what you're doing."

To which I replied with the lie trying to keep it a secret, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"I've been watching you, this stuff can be dangerous, you need to stop it." He said.

"That's why I'm only doing small harmless tricks, it's entertaining and no one's getting hurt." I could see it in his eyes that he's seen this stuff go badly wrong in his past,

"If you get too used to this, you could end up losing control and hurting someone, in superhero movies it seems cool, but in this life, it could turn bad, so please don't be an idiot."

He told me off with a very good point, the fact that the most powerful time it worked for me was when I was angry and it was before I knew I could do it, so it's probably a good idea that I stopped.

Do you ever smell something and it reminds you of something so special and familiar, like you used to smell or eat it a lot but not in this lifetime? Or have you ever watched a movie and felt like you lived it before but not in this lifetime? Or have you ever met someone and you feel like you already know them but you've never met them in this lifetime? And then suddenly you get all these different but related visions and feelings that is just like a memory? Well that is about a 95 percent chance it's a past life memory!

I have had so many past life visions, one of the first I discovered was triggered by lemongrass. Lemongrass always smells so familiar to me, so one day I meditated smelling lemongrass and asking to give me the answer to why it's so familiar, I then got the vision of me from hundreds of years ago where I used to grow lemongrass and I'd turn it into tea, oils, medicine and sell/trade it. But then one day these rich people got so greedy that they stole most of my lemongrass and what I've made out of it to sell it for themselves, but I wasn't gonna let that happen, so I snuck into their building late at night and took it back. That's all I could remember from that memory/lifetime.

Another one was triggered when I was with my ex, right after I had the vision while cuddling him, he told me that he just envisioned something, I asked if it was what I envisioned too which was a past life a couple hundreds of years ago about me being from a wealthy family, I used to sneak off and practice using swords, then I encountered a pirate who happened to be my ex's past life where we had a sword fight first, I couldn't seem to attack him cause he was calm and focused and I was angry and scared, it was making it hard for me to stay focused, then out of no where he started to teach me how to be calm while we fought. Eventually I fell in love with him, and as the sneaky pirate he was, he tricked me onto his ship and robbed me, then another crew was after him, they attacked his ship and crew too just to get to him. But he wasn't the only one who was sneaky, I had planned with the crew that I would trick him by trying to seduce him while the crew would set up an abandon ship, and before he and I did anything sexual, I tied him up and left him there to be killed by the other crew. My ex and I were mind blown that we had the same vision at the exact same time. Later on in our relationship, I remembered another part of that past life, where my ex as a pirate wasn't really dead as I thought he was, he had been on a search for me of revenge after what I did to him, when he found me we had a sword fight, where at the end, my sword managed to cut off part of his sword so it was like a knife, he then managed to charge at me quickly with it before I could hit him and he stabbed me with his broken sword in my right hip and twisted it, we were looking in each others eyes the whole time, I began to laugh hysterically when he twisted it with blood pouring out of my mouth, spitting blood and laughing at him for all we had done to each other for it to end like this, last thing I remember is laughing my way to my last breath looking in his eyes. In this body I am in, in this lifetime, I actually have a birthmark on my hip where my ex stabbed me in that passed life.

There is plenty more past life memories but those 2 are my favourite stories.

As some of you may have just read, I'm not the only who feels most of this, and I probably seem a little crazy to others, am I right? Either way, believe it, as these are facts, or if not, it was a pretty good story hey? etty good story hey? 

fact or fiction

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