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Be a non-obsessive and honest person

by Seamons Mahall 2 months ago in advice
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People are too honest bad

Be a non-obsessive and honest person
Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash

Tea store beauty boss with honest people philosophy theory, and fooled me to buy tea

Good again to welcome the New Year tea store, a lot of tea out to do special offers. This opportunity I can not let go of, so I went over to sweep the goods.

As a result, I saw no one, I said you have no one to participate in this special event, selling what ah?

The owner said I am happy with myself ah. You're here, aren't you?

I said: I am very miserable this year, not much money, at most buy a pound or two. I see that you have at least 200 pounds in stock.

She said: I am honest. Tea is not sold expensive, so not much to buy, because they do not believe that I can sell tea so cheap.

I feel that the purchase price is too much above, a little bit of fooling people. This is the downfall of honest people, not sold out is supposed to.

I act, you should sell expensive. The market is such a price, is such a price, you sell cheaper than other people, you are disturbing the market.

She said: Yes, I also understand the reason, but I can not do it. As if the old Fan, the shoe repairer at the end of our street, for more than ten years, has not increased the price.

Some things can change, but some things are best not to change. Others change let him change, I do not want to change, do not change. This has nothing to do with disrupting the market.

People's psychology is such that he saw other places this grade of tea sold 300 yuan, ran to me here to see 150. he felt that I must have a problem with this tea.

So honest people doing business sometimes will still suffer some losses. Fortunately, my business does not depend on the elimination of this inventory.

I said how do you do business?

She said: honest business is mainly by word of mouth. I want to ensure that every time the tea is sold is good, others happy to drink in place, the price is fair, and of course, he will come back to buy the next time.

So you see my store is often no one, but others are in the cell phone order. My tea is still selling well.

I said: I see, no wonder you have so much time to chat with my nonsense.

She said: Yes, honest people are a very happy thing, many honest people but can not experience.

A person is honest again, as long as he does business he will be slightly more complicated, but once this thing is too complicated, people are not comfortable.

You see honest people usually choose some simple work to do, do not need to operate do not need to worry about it, so they do a good job and do it happily.

Many people for that little bit of respect from others. To that point on the head of the halo, very like to go as a leader, very like to do the head. As a result, they lose sleep every day at night, eat badly, and their heads are spinning all day long.

Live is very tired. This exhaustion will form a habit of his life, until he is old he can not let go. This kind of person's retirement is the most painful.

The real honest people. It is God's favor.

I said you say this is too strange, nowadays society is to say that honest people mix poorly is very difficult to live, why do you have to say that God is looking after him?

She said: because, ah, honesty is a human nature state. It is not enough for people to live honestly, but also not to be obsessed.

An honest person who is not obsessed has the following benefits.

1, enjoy the most mellow goodness.

The honest person who is not obsessed can live in the world, from simple to good, everything is very simple for him.

He does not have many principles, just a few, but very enough, as long as his principles are in line, he will be very useful.

He is contented and happy, and he can bask in a constant flow of goodness within him every day.

These forces of goodwill are very mellow and enjoyable.

You can see in the faces, smiles, and eyes of such people how much they enjoy this journey of life.

One can live a simple life, not to be silly, but to be pure.

What is purity? It is not to stir up too much, everything is used to entangle. When you say you can let go, you can let go right away. Do not care.

The surface looks very vulnerable, but he is the soul of the strong.

2, Melt away most of the damage.

The honest people who do not cling can dissolve most of the damage because they see themselves as very low. Once a person's ego is very low, he will not get any harm.

If others look down on him, slander him, or bully him, it is only someone else's fault to him, and he will not punish himself for others' mistakes.

He lost money and will tell himself that this money should let him block a little disaster.

He was robbed of the opportunity will also tell himself. Keep the green hills, not afraid of no firewood.

Of course, this is not what obsessive honest people can achieve, obsessive honest people, live a very painful life.

3, Avoid unnecessary bad karma.

The honest person who is not obsessed can avoid much bad karma. He does not feel greed, anger, resentment, jealousy, etc., because of his gains and losses.

Once these emotions arise, basically one will not create bad karma.

This kind of bad karma is called unnecessary bad karma because it is not something you will get involved in in the first place, but you will get involved in it only because you are attached to it.

An honest person who is not attached to it usually thinks, "It's not worth it, it's not worth it to get angry about this, it's not worth it to hate you for this.

It's not worth it to hate you for this, it's not worth it to fight with you for this, it's not worth it to fight with you.

These three words "not worth it" are like a mantra, and honest people can hold this mantra to ensure that they will be disaster-free all year round.

4, Accumulate a high level of good fortune.

There are many kinds of good fortune, some good fortune seems to be the general level. For example, a little money, and home decoration are okay. There are no major health problems.

These blessings are also good, but there are higher levels of blessings.

What is a higher level of blessing? It is peace of mind.

In the words of the common people, "peace of mind, peace of mind, peace of mind, peace of mind, peace of mind, peace of mind, peace of mind.

An honest person who does not cling to anything will sleep happily at night and basically will not have nightmares. Because the mind is very spacious.

We cannot see such a heart, if we could see it, it would be like figure skating, very beautiful and enchanting.

But compared to making money, everyone thinks this is nothing. Can the heart still be used as a ford? No one agrees.

Even if a person's heart is not at ease, he will not agree with it, but only when it breaks down will he feel that it is important.

That's why peace of mind is so worthless in the world. Although it is not valuable, it is a very high level of enjoyment and blessing.

After hearing what she said, I was convinced and hurriedly placed an order for three pounds of tea. It is also considered successful completion of this year's quota.


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