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Sorting through the past

by Seamons Mahall 2 months ago in advice
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Grateful for the years!

Sorting through the past
Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

Age is just a number

Year, soon to

Early in the morning, the flowers on the windowsill, yesterday or flower bones, I do not know when the night, actually quietly opened. The red color, a touch of joy, and the air a faint fragrance let people relax.

Walk out of the door, the northern winter, after the snow melted, there is still some cool.

Passing by the park, an old man was casually walking around, someone asked her: you have a long life this year?

The old man replied with a smile: I can't remember, but I think I'm still quite young, and like you, can still watch a TV show, a square dance, every day thinking about their age, strange tired.

Turned to look at the old man, she was hale and hearty, her gaze has a god, and then a listen to her words, suddenly, feel the days glow up.

Yes, year after year, the days are like flowing water, not even caring about our sadness, it will only turn its back on us and make us feel bleak.

But, so what? Just like this old man with cranial hair, the years go away, just her skirt, age, just her record of her process, what fear? What fear?

People, always under the influence of the years, to their thick cocoon, will be between the eyebrows of the sorrow, are turned into the life of the smooth.

And age is just a number.

Life, is a process of experiencing

There is a poem: teenagers do not know the taste of sorrow, to give new words to say sorrow.

The most important thing is that you will be able to know that there is no "easy" in the world of adults after going through a lot of trials and tribulations.

Everyone is in the vicissitudes of the world, lonely forward; everyone is in the sweet and sour, taste life.

There will always be some shade, let you see some regret, feel some "hard"; there will always be some life and death, let you experience the impermanence of life, let you understand what is called "do not know tomorrow and the accident, which one will come"?

So, when you are lost, don't be helpless, identify your feet, when you are lonely, don't be sad, the elasticity of life lies in your ability to stretch, gain or lose don't care.

There will always be some parting, let you bitter; there will always be some difficulties, let you go to maturity. Therefore, do not because of a momentary hardship, from then on retreat and atrophy.

Perhaps, in the past year, you have seen the most vicious hearts in the world, but also occasionally hurt to the bone, but you must believe: the gentleman is open and honest, the villain is long Chi Chi, clear, good heart, all is well.

There are always some people who will eye the achievements of others, there are always some slander and vilification, spreading behind the scenes, but people floating in the jungle, which can not be knifed.

You have to believe: time will tell you: through the cold bone, will be able to usher in the fragrance of plum blossoms.

The most important thing is that you can't get what you want; you can forget what you lost.

The story of time, always with a touch of reminiscence.

Or sorrow, or joy, or grief, or sadness ...... let you have a touch of longing, and a touch of unforgettable.

The years, always deep and shallow; red dust, always as flowing flowers; the world, always more parting. So, put tender feelings in the heart, let a few points of bravado be released.

The fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

The world is a big place, and we are all just passing through between heaven and earth.

No one is the master of this world, everyone is experiencing a different life, through their roll of red dust.

Perhaps, some people are addicted to the lights and wine, some aspire to Tao Kunming's "Peach Blossom Source", some hope that there is joy everywhere on earth, and some people's eyes are seeing the wind and rain.

But everything, in the end, is peace of mind, is beautiful.

The four seasons, don't put too much on your mind, don't think so much, care so much, live well at the moment, is to live your life well.

The end of the year is approaching, the end of the year is coming, the flavor of the year is getting thick, let us wish: the new year, the year is safe, peace is a blessing.

The heart is simple, everything is simple

Life is a mirror.

You shine into the blue sky and white clouds, you will give you a clear and far-reaching; you shine into the big waves, you will give you a thrill.

You shine into the birds and flowers, you will give you a piece of spring; you shine into the garbage and dirt, and you will give you a ragged tangle.

The simpler the human heart, the simpler the world.

The more you count, the more tired you live, the more you compare, the more tedious you live, live your own life, you need to keep your rhythm, come up with your attitude, not obsessed, not obsessed, enjoy the moment, can live their own life.

The world is always changing too fast, everyone around there will be some people with colored glasses, to see others, many times, the more sincere you are to others, others will feel that you are more stupid; you are more cunning to others, but others will feel that you are shrewd.

You can see how complex the human heart, lives.

So, don't always think to please others, don't always guess the minds of others, the world itself is beautiful and desolate coexist, warm and cold together.

The actual people who know you well, keep your three or five friends, the rest, let nature take its course.

Keep a normal heart, live indifferently

Mr. Yang Jiang once said a paragraph.

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem. There is always a reason for the meeting, either a gift or a lesson. The ones that leave are the scenery, and the ones that stay are the life.

So, perhaps, the past year, you pay, did not get the corresponding return, but, every encounter in life, every gain or loss, is already a gain.

You have to believe: can easily lose, are not talking about regret.

All the worries, confusion, anxiety, and fatigue, will be because you have a normal heart, and get peace, but also will let the heart full of hope, and thoughts, be touched and released.

Life, is the pure and dirty intersection, is the gratitude and betrayal of the blend, to live a pure, you must let yourself be more and more gentle, more and more know how to accept, and more and more let yourself be open-minded.

It is up to you to grasp your destiny.

Many people will talk about how it is too difficult to achieve their ideals, but too many people stop their actions talking about it, and rarely prove themselves with actions.

In this world, we will always have some worries, worry about the money we earn is not enough, worry about their home is not enough togetherness, worry about the health of the elderly, worry about the children's learning ...... so, also let yourself live restless hard.

But, everything is more than half-heated, life is not as good as things will always be nine out of ten, keep their normal heart, not crazy, not sleepy, not irritated, and can live light and beautiful. It is important to know that what can be easily lost is not a regret.

2022, may everyone be able to hold a calm and graceful, spoiled and not surprised, leisurely look at the flowers in front of the court; to stay unintentional, watching the sky clouds roll by!


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