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As long as you work hard, you will see the dawn

As long as you work hard, you will see the dawn

By Ruban SaundersPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

"Boss Liu, come to class." Every time he returned to the classroom, Liu Heng always smiled shyly when his classmates greeted him.

Liu Heng - my roommate, usually before exams, he will show up in the classroom on time, and live in the dormitory for a while.

In his sophomore year, his classmates began to call Liu Heng "Boss Liu". Dormitory elder brother a few PRIVATE occasionally ALSO CALL "LIU BOSS", HE ALWAYS STERN WORDS STERN said not to make fun of him, he prefers WE affectionately call him eldest brother.

In the eyes of people around, a college student who starts his own business and has nearly one million assets is a success, especially our kind of liberal arts students in science colleges, it is good to find a job after graduation. So his classmates called him "Boss Liu" mostly with a bit of envy and jealousy, he did not let the dormitory friends call him because only we know how hard he went on this journey.

It was a miracle for Liu Heng to go to college. His home is in the mountains, the main source of income for his father. When I was seven, my father was killed in a car accident. Their mother, who lost her financial support, took them and their siblings into a desperate situation.

During a meal, Liu Heng talked about the past lightly: "I went to primary school at the foot of the mountain, everyone ate in the school, to eat free lunch I helped the canteen work, after the mountain to dig herbs to sell, older will work in the nearby construction site as a small worker."

Since Liu Heng had almost no childhood, he has been thinking about how to support his family and help his mother share the family burden since he can remember.

In middle school, Liu Heng maintained his education with the meager income he earned from odd jobs, but his struggle lasted until his senior year in high school when his mother had to ask him to give up his studies because he could not afford the high tuition fees even if he was admitted to the university.

After dropping out of school at the age of 17, Liu Heng came to the city to work. What work is tiring, make money what he does, often covered with injuries, the next day still go to work? "Once, I did a whole day's work in XX university, the evening sat on the grass of the university to rest, from my side by the same age of college students, they cast a contemptuous eye to me. I was envious and unconvinced. I thought I could be a college student one day."

Therefore, after two years of working, Liu Heng returned to the classroom in their third year of high school. He especially cherished the learning opportunity he had lost and finally got his wish, and became my roommate.

During freshman year, Liu Heng also follows the rules of class, and study, just harder than us. But by his sophomore year, the money he earned had dried up, and he had to find a way to make money again.

Finally, Mr. Liu fixed his eyes on the excavators at the construction site. The construction of excavators is rented, and the rent is also quite abundant. Liu Heng had known several bosses when working, they appreciate the hard-working, practical, and positive college students.

Liu Heng asked them, and they generously promised Liu Heng that if he had a machine, they would certainly rent it. Encouraged, Liu decided to try. But the price of an excavator is hundreds of thousands of yuan. Where does the capital come from?

The beginning of his sophomore year was the most painful period for Liu Heng. He was so thin that he could not eat. No one knew how much determination and pressure he had to bear. In the end, he and his mother, and uncle discuss the use of two houses as a mortgage, a loan of 100,000 yuan.

After hearing this, my mother strongly objected. Liu Heng repeated persuasion, to my uncle to write an IOU, to assure my mother... In this way, raise a down payment, and buy a machine in installments.

At first, Liu Heng successfully got several projects. After all, friends to help limited, in the future to rent out the machine also rely on their own. Liu Heng has always been shy, shy to communicate with his classmates, let alone deal with various businessmen.

A teacher suggested that Liu Heng should speak in public to improve his eloquence. So for two months, as if no one was watching, Liu read aloud his lecture notes in our university cafeteria, covering everything from characters in The Three Kingdoms to modern business management. Since then, his verbal skills have improved tremendously.

In his junior year, he bought a car to facilitate business talks and made it mandatory for him to go to three construction sites and meet 10 bosses every day to promote his business. By the time he was a senior, he had two machines and a monthly income of tens of thousands of yuan. It's just that he took most of the school day off, and then spent the night studying in the all-night study hall right before exams, and didn't fail a single course in four years.

After graduation, we went our separate ways, although I and Liu Heng in the same city, occasionally talk on the phone, but rarely meet.

Now, he continues his old business and has a part-time job selling insurance. Once a month, he goes back to his hometown, where he supports 10 poor children. He says he will support more children when he is able. He does not want to see them suffer as he did when he was young.


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