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Give credit where credit is due in the workplace competition

Give credit where credit is due in the workplace competition

By Ruban SaundersPublished 6 months ago 6 min read

Open a company is never do charity, who poor reward who; Work is not a show. Praise should be given to those who work harder and harder. Who creates great value to reward who is the biggest affirmation of employees; The greatest responsibility to yourself is to strive to be indispensable to the team rather than optional. Small Yue -


After graduation, my first job was as an editor in a book company.

Our boss, who used to be a Chinese teacher, later went into business and often described himself as a "Confucian businessman". In the new employee training, the boss borrowed the words of Confucius to talk about his talent view:

Confucius said, Talent without virtue is a villain; Virtue without talent, a gentleman also; But he who has virtue and talent is a saint.

For the company, a person with both ability and moral integrity is the first class, a person without moral integrity is the second class, and a person with talent but without moral integrity is the third class, which our company will not use.

I was very happy to hear that and I was very appreciative of my boss's values.

But saints are hard to find, so the most common people in our company are polite mediocrities.

On products, our company a group of conscientious people, the quality of books is not bad. However, in the aspect of product promotion, because of the lack of creative publicity means, the company has become a big problem.

No matter how well-educated the boss is, it doesn't make him happy to see books sitting in a warehouse.

Then someone recommended Ah Jiang to the boss.

Ah, Jiang has worked as a planner in several big companies and is said to be quite famous in the industry.

Before the hiring, the boss looked through several classic cases of Ah Jiang's previous planning, and could not help frowning.

The case is very novel, but also very eye-catching, is a little sensationalism, a little vulgar.

The recommendation was repeated several times in front of the boss, "No matter what small matters, no matter what matters", "A black cat is a white cat, it is a good cat that catches mice", and then the boss gritted his teeth and called Ah Jiang.

In this way, Ah Jiang became the business director of our company.


Ah, Jiang offended us all with his first act soon after taking office.

It is the practice of our company to select one outstanding employee for commendation every month, and post the employee's deeds as a demonstration.

That month, everyone unanimously elected Xiao Wang to the sales department, because Xiao Wang had just been injured in the way of running a business. It's not too much of a consolation prize, not to mention the desperate dedication.

But Ah Jiang objected because Xiao Wang's performance was not outstanding.

The noise of the matter finally reached the ears of the boss.

Being a teacher, our boss was naturally on our side, so he asked Jiang what he thought.

'The mall is like a war zone, and it's not a good place to talk about things,' Ms. Ah said. If we give Wang an excellent rating this time, we will announce the wrong rules of the game, and everyone will think that if he performs hard enough, or bad enough, he is a good employee. Whether through bad luck or some other reason, such good employees don't benefit the company.

Therefore, we encourage everyone to learn from Xiao Wang's spirit, and the company can encourage Xiao Wang in other ways. But the most valuable employees are the ones who add the most value to the company.

Later, our rules became as simple as printing out performance reviews and reading them.

In this winner-takes-all system, who dares not try their best to push forward?

Our boss also stepped away from his role as a teacher and began to believe that the effort of the employees was their own business and that the company should only focus on the result.

A consolation prize, better set in a kindergarten than a company trying to get ahead.


Not long after I entered the second company, my colleague at the table next to me quietly told me that Mei Mei was attracted to her boss by her good skin. You should not provoke her.

Don't say, Meng Meng, I also see, is not the woman who is late every once in a while, and often forgets to punch in.

I was a little disappointed that the system of the new company was a mess.

For example, Meng Meng often works overtime until seven or eight o 'clock, so she is too busy to even have dinner. However, her salary is much lower than that of Mei-mei who spends her leisure time every day.

Therefore, whenever Mei Mei walked by with a perfume, Meng Meng would privately rush me, and silently scold a "fox".

Once, I asked her, "Why don't you think about changing jobs? It seems so unfair."

I asked Meng Meng at the same time, his heart has been secretly planning to jump ship.

Meng Meng said with a sigh, where to go is not the same, this is a look at the face of society.

It seems that during the years of work, Meng Meng has been not comfortable. I don't know why I feel weird.

Just then, the boss walked in quickly, Shouting "Meimei, Meimei" all the way.

That's a lot, even for a special favor.

Seeing Meimei, the boss pulled her up and ran, "The big project that I said last time is coming, and there are two foreign businessmen. Today it all depends on you."

Afternoon foreign inspection, Meimei skilfully in English and they laugh, elegant appearance and generous, instant I and Meng Meng seconds into slag.

Although the other people are foxes, the other people can make achievements, and work high cover the Lord, this is the real ability.

However, although Meng Meng seems to work hard every day, what he does is the most unskilled work. Besides, he is absent-minded and inefficient, and rework when mistakes are made is more common so he often ends up working overtime to avoid delay.

For the company, Meimei is indispensable, and cute is dispensable.

No wonder the two men are treated so differently.


I've been through a few more companies since, but I don't mumble about fair anymore.

You give me how much performance, I give you how much salary, this is the greatest fairness in the workplace.

As for the twists and turns and grumbles at work, speak to yourself and God.

No credit, but also hard work, this idea is the workplace taboo.

What is the company going to pay everyone if they cry about their hard work and have no decent credit to match it?

Is the company going to cry about its difficulties and then all of us cry?

When I become a mature professional, I learned to be like a soldier, with the simplest words to my superior.

Yes or no, yes or no, not so much mood, attitude, and story.


One year, when I was writing my year-end review, I had the idea to skip the words "New Year begins" and instead make a statement that itemized several important data sets.

From these data sets, my boss can see what I have done for the company this year and what I plan to do next year.

The boss was very happy and printed out many copies of it and gave them away. He asked everyone to write in this format in the future.

Time is tight, the task is heavy, and there is no time to repeat those insignificant small talks.

In the rat race at work, putting credit on the table speaks louder than anything.

To put it in a simple, easy-to-understand Internet catchphrase:

You can You up, no can no BB.


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