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Are You a Sapiosexual?

Let's see if you can spot these unmistakable signs

By Rui AlvesPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Are You a Sapiosexual?
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Intelligent people are typically self-assured in their abilities and always have a plan in place. They are also quick to bounce back from any setback.

They are not only intelligent but also skilled at communicating with others and comprehending other people's points of view.

Intelligent people are more likely to be popular and successful in life, or at least to convey that impression to others.

What makes them so appealing and intriguing is that they possess various characteristics that set them apart from the crowd.

Combining these traits, combined with a traditional understanding of what intelligence entails, is ultimately what makes them so appealing to others.

How to know if you're in love with intelligent people?

People who find intelligence sexually appealing or arousing have a strong desire for intellectual stimulation and challenge. They are hungry for knowledge and eager to learn new things.

However, this is not always the case. Some people are drawn to intelligent people because they are afraid of being alone or have low self-esteem.

Most of us have had crushes on intelligent people at some point. The first step is to determine whether what you're experiencing is merely a crush or if it is, in fact, love. It's difficult to tell if you're in love, but some telltale signs can help.

  • You are always looking for ways to do things together.
  • You want to be a better version of yourself so that they will like you more.
  • You feel like they are the best person in the world, and they always know what to say, do, or think.
  • You have a strong desire for them, and their approval is everything to you.

What does it mean to be attracted to someone who seems "smarter" than you?

Some will argue that this is not a bad thing. It simply means that the person is more intellectually capable and knowledgeable than you, benefiting some people.

But let me clarify something for you. There are various types of intelligence. Dr. Howard Gardner developed the theory of multiple intelligences in 1983. It implies that the traditional concept of intelligence, based on IQ testing, is far too limited.

As a result, to understand human intelligence, we must consider the big picture. Gardner's theory of intelligence mentions at least eight types of intelligence:

  • Linguistic intelligence ("word smart")
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence ("number/reasoning smart")
  • Spatial intelligence ("picture smart")
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence ("body smart")
  • Musical intelligence ("music smart")
  • Interpersonal intelligence ("people smart")
  • Intrapersonal intelligence ("self smart")
  • Naturalist intelligence ("nature smart")

As a result, we are not "smarter" than others, but "smart" in different ways.

How to date intelligently without feeling left out?

For some, dating an intellectual can be a daunting task. However, it does not have to be complicated.

Intelligence does not alone indicate a person's suitability as a partner. If you are dating an intellectual, you should be aware that they are not, by any means, superior to you in all aspects of life.

You should try to reach an agreement and ensure that both parties communicate openly and honestly.

It is critical to recognize that many people out there share your interests, and they may be the ones you should date.

  • What are some good questions to ask someone you're dating?-What is your favorite food, where do you want to travel?
  • What kind of music do you like, what are some movies that you like? I don't care about sports.
  • Can you agree on one book and one movie for the date night?

Why do we admire intelligent people?

Intelligence is a quality that is universally admired. It's considered attractive and desirable in a potential partner.

We are always looking for ways to appear smarter to others, and it seems that the more intelligent people we surround ourselves with, the brighter we appear to others.

There is a widespread belief in our society that intelligence is a predictor of success and wealth. The higher someone's social status, the more intelligent they are.

Because they are better at learning and adapting to new information, intelligent people tend to have better jobs.

When asked whether they prefer intelligence or beauty, most people will say intelligence. This is because intelligence is thought to be a good predictor of a person's success in life.

This widespread but incorrect forethought goes even further, with some believing that intelligence is also a sign of good health, and thus intelligent people will live longer than others.

Five unmistakable signs you might be a sapiosexual

  1. You find yourself in deep conversations with intellectuals.
  2. You devote a significant amount of time to reading and contemplating the world around you.
  3. You are always eager to learn new things and try out new ideas.
  4. You aren'te good at problem-solving and have an analytical mind that can break complex topics down into simple parts for easy comprehension.
  5. You enjoy debating the complexities of life, the universe, and everything (or anything) else under the sun.


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