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Are They Your Soulmate?!

by Lacey Stovall 2 years ago in love
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6 Steps Knowing If They Are The One

Your soul never forgets

Soulmates. Usually the word is the bane of someone’s existence, or the obsession of someone’s dreams. We spend our lives searching for that one human being that wants us the same as we want them. Being married for less than a year really proves that love is a mystery, but in the greatest of ways. The days of looking is gone, and now I never have to worry about anyone except the one I am with. So, how do you know if he/she is your soulmate? Here are 6 steps I personally went through that showed me I have my soulmate, and I hope this will help you as well!

1.) They accept you in every way.

Say you are the biggest bookworm known to man. You dream of having the library from Beauty and the Beast (both live-action and original movie, since I enjoyed both) but you start out with a pile. Once you start dating this incredible person, what will they think of your hobby? Boring? Useless? However, they hit you with a “I don’t really read, but you can do what you want.” It makes all the worry just ridiculous!

I have the most quirky obsessions that only my friends knew about, but my husband accepts anything I enjoy. True him playing Fortnite and Call of Duty at night sometimes gets on my nerves, it’s what he likes. Accepting the things that make you tick is literally an invitation for you to be yourself. If you cannot express who you are infront of the one you like, then that ain’t it sis!

2.) You can keep a conversation.

Okay, you must think this is a dumb reason. Hear me out! Have you ever been on those dates where you are sitting across your love interest and find yourself bored WHILE talking to them? Lord I have! You cannot muster the enthusiasm to keep a single sentence from forming! If you can’t even talk to them to their face, how can you talk to them moving forward?

Once I was dating this guy for a month. One day on the way home after a date, I fell asleep right in the middle of a conversation! He always wanted to talk about himself, which is fine or whatever, but 24/7 definitely kills vibes! You have to find out what interests you both to talk about, even if it’s the weather for today. Yes there is a thing as comfortable silence, and trust me we do have those times. Instead of being nervous and shy around someone your not completely into, be with someone you can relax with and not have to calculate your next sentence.

3.) They are your best friend.

Pretty generic, right? Hardly! When I say “best friend” I mean it! Here’s the stitch: your best friend is the embodiment of you and likewise. Whatever you know about your BFF, they know every nook and cranny about you. We all want that friendship that is shown on TV where they have signature handshakes and personal secrets that no human being should ever know. Having that relationship with the same human you regard as your soulmate rocks! You both can laugh about things only you know, and cringe at a conversation that ends up with fits of laughter! Knowing your manner-isms and wacky behavior is what your friends learn about you over the years. If your soulmate can pick up on that and call on your behavior way before you know it, it’s pretty flattering. If they care so much putting forth the effort in learning about you, they really want to stay with you!

4.) They make you laugh.

The ways of making a girl laugh is an ancient Chinese secret..... Just kidding! Laughter is the best medicine of them all, as I always say! No matter the case or time of day, making the other laugh until the cracking of tears makes life a lot of fun! Love may be one of those mysteries that sort of happens, but laughter makes it all the more worth it! You genuinely find a want in appealing to the other's taste in humor, and laughter brightens a person no matter who they are!

Just imagine for a second sitting by your boyfriend/girlfriend without laughing or smiling. It would be just like those old photos back in the old days of picture taking! (Yes I know they were scared of their souls being taken away by a photo or some jazz, I’m just using it as an example.) Laughter fills the void of nothingness in a relationship, and makes everything all the more fun! Love should have fun and enjoyment!

5.) You finish each other’s.... Sandwiches! (Okay, Frozen quote done and over with.)

That’s what I was gonna say! Eh hem, anyways, finishing sentences truly sets you apart from love interest to freaking soulmate! You both start existing on a wavelength that no other human being can climb to. Have you ever had those thoughts when your about to say something, and the other blurts it out at random? It’s always a delightful shock that neither one of you ever expect! If you start finishing the other, it shows you respect the person and learn to know how the other one works. It may be something as simple as “I wonder how your mom is-” and they butt in with “I wonder how mom is”, it’s shocking and incredible at the same time! It’s wonderful knowing how the other works, and finishing sentences is always an added bonus!

6.) They find ways of making every day feel like an adventure!

Sure, sitting on the couch watching Supernatural for the 20th time may not be exciting for you, but watching your love being engrossed by it always makes for a wonderful adventure! It may not be any road trip, world-seeking adventure, but making every day worth it is! Life is what you make it, and if anything is worth making him smile and laugh I’m on board! He makes my heart soar when he asks me what I want to do, which shows he cares about what I want to plan to do. He wants what I want, and he will sacrifice some of his wants for me. I will give in to his wants and desires, but isn’t that the fun in it all? Learning from each other and growing together is what love is. No matter what kind of crazy adventure you find yourself in, be hand in hand with that soulmate of yours.


Soulmate is a very big step in any relationship. If you are still looking for a that one, I have advice for you. If you keep searching for that one in the world that makes your soul linked for the end of times, stop looking. Don’t go to great lengths to find someone that will break your heart at the end. The right one will find you, whether you run into them or they into you. It could be someone you knew in high school but never checked your feelings to know the truth. Instead of having all these dating app accounts trying to find someone, why not give yourself time to think about what you want in a relationship?

Having a soulmate is the best feeling in the world. They make every day feel like it’ll never end. Your literally flying on a fluffy cloud into the sunset like on Aladdin, and how romantic can you get from that?! You have each other’s backs, and in the end nothing can tear your worlds apart. Take it from someone that has been in love with her man for almost 6 years straight. True we have had our rough patches, as per any relationship, but I still rush home everyday just to be with him. Find that someone, and if you have any questions email me!


About the author

Lacey Stovall

Well hey! I’m a Southern girl that loves to write anything from the soul! I want to write to have fun and express what I love with others, no matter how meaningful or wacky it is! I hope you enjoy my writing as much as I want to dish it!

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