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Tall Husband Alert!!

by Lacey Stovall 2 years ago in humanity
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The Pros and Cons of Tall Partners

Honeymoon last year!

Sure, marriage is the pinnacle of life, especially with the one you know is to be your soulmate. However, when he is a literal foot above you then it gets interesting! My husband stands at a whopping 6’6, which isn’t crazy tall except for when I’m 5’6. He is an amazing man and fights to be the most amazing husband of all time, but his tallness does prevent him to do things average height people can do. I’ll be going through the pros and cons of having a man such as mine, but in the end love them for who they are!

Pros of Tall-ness

First I want to point out the good things of being tall. Although I am a lanky person who doesn’t have much trouble reaching for things, he does help grabbing things with ease. He makes changing a lightbulb look like an evening stroll! When we go into crowds of people (not right now because of COVID-19) I can always pinpoint him if I’ve drug behind somewhere. His height literally helps me not lose him, and I’m really bad about losing things, especially my own phone when in reality it’ll be in my hand! I know that’s all simple reasons, but they are quite important to a crazy lady like me.

The reason I have always loved his tallness is the way there is so much more of him for me. I may be having the most terrible, awful, no good, very bad day of my entire existence, but as soon as he hugs me it all vanishes. He has a back that can stretch for days at a time, but it’s also the best thing to cling to for such hard times. And in case you were wondering, he does like being the little spoon in bed. Don’t we all like being little spoon? Having all that extra tallness gives me all the more body heat I need when cold.

Cons of Tall-ness

You may be thinking, “You had great insight on how being tall is awesome, what the worst of it?” Well my friend, there are factors that I see daily. The main one I see is him hitting his head on everything imaginable. Every door we walk in, he has to size it up mentally before walking through. One of our doors he constantly hits every time he goes through it and I still wonder how he does it. Poor man never learns. He may be stretching his arms and end up smacking it on the ceiling! No matter how graceful you can be, hitting something unintentional hurts like the dickens!

Imagine someone coming up to you and robbing you. He threatens to shoot you and you pocket out everything you got. Now imagine the thief being a short little man trying to rob my precious husband. He’d be in the shock of his life! I put this at the cons because people tend to get nervous by a guy towering over you. At first it was for me too. He’s not some tall stick that looks like it can break at any minute, he’s stocky. It was funny introducing him to my family. No matter how intimidating he may seem, in the end he’s a gentleman.


Now that you have some insight on my sweet husband, let it be known that tallness has some advantages and disadvantages. He has the look of a grizzly bear, but the heart of a teddy bear. He makes every day worth opening my eyes for. When we finally build the house of our dreams, it better have high ceilings and big doors! In all seriousness, being tall must be awesome. He does use it in advantages to hold something out of my reach or simply put his arm on my head for a prop. And trust me, his two older brothers are around his same height and have the same problems as him! (Just wait to see how our kids grow up to be!) I know this was a jumbled mess, but I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did in writing it!


About the author

Lacey Stovall

Well hey! I’m a Southern girl that loves to write anything from the soul! I want to write to have fun and express what I love with others, no matter how meaningful or wacky it is! I hope you enjoy my writing as much as I want to dish it!

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