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A Story On How I Met The Love Of My Life

by Dipendra Neupane 4 months ago in love
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The story of how I met the love of my life (at least this is what I thought)

A Story On How I Met The Love Of My Life
Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

"So why don't you propose to me?" This was what she told me on the first date. It was not actually a planned date though, we just had plans for a formal meetup after the high school ended. She had already got admitted for her Bachelor's degree and I was still trying to figure out what to do with my life. She made me speechless with this question. I mean I liked her a lot and had a huge crush on her during my college days but I don't think I was ready for something like that. I had never thought of being in a relationship for my whole life. I don't even remember now how and what I replied to her this question.

She was a good girl for all the girls I had known in the world (Now I know she is the best). She was my schoolmate and she was beautiful may be shy (I thought for the first time I saw her). It was a normal day I was entering the college through the gate when I saw her for the first time. She was beautiful in the college dress and I followed her until I reached the staircase to get to the class(My class was on the first floor and hers was on the top floor maybe). This was when she smiled back when I smiled at her. And this was also the first time I talked to her and we talked mostly about the second terminal exam results that had just passed. I am still surprised how I managed to talk to her at the first meeting. I had her name and it was enough for me to search for her on social media. And the very next day I added her on Facebook and to my good luck, the request got accepted.

This was how our friendship started. We started talking on Facebook and got to know each other pretty well. She was so understanding and mature. This was what I loved about her. I could not even manage to tell her that I had and still have a huge crush on her. I had tried to flirt with her but she won't let me do so. At the very end of high school, we were best friends and I was always afraid to flirt with her as I didn't want to ruin the friendship. Believe me, many relationships don't even start just because of fears like this.

When high school ended we had the topics of what will you do next for the bachelor's study to talk about in social media and nothing else. I had joined the classes for entrance preparation and she joined Microbiology in Science stream. All we were sharing were casual hellos on Facebook and nothing else. But then all of a sudden we started talking too much on social media. I had no mobiles or laptops to talk to her at that time (I had abandoned everything to prepare well for the entrance tests but all in vain LOL) and used to talk to her every time I go online. We even started texting on phones and she started recharging her phone just to talk to me (as she told me :P)

It was when we planned for this casual meetup that turned out to be our first unofficial date. After this date, we started talking much more than ever. I was trying to be sure about my feelings but I was actually sure about it that I loved her and she was the miss perfect for me. But I didn't want everything to happen in a rush. So we decided to go to some tea-dates before officially being committed.

And it's today when we are sure about the love for each other. I love her more than anything else in the world and so does she. It's not that we don't fight or anything but every fight makes our bond even stronger. She supports me on every decision I take and every moment with her feels so easy. Of all the decisions I have made in my life the only decision I'd never regret in my life is choosing her as my partner. The only thing I want in my life now is" Holding her hands at the age of 70 and say we made it babe."

This was something I wrote and published on Steem blockchain a long time ago. Many things have changed after I published this and this didn't end the way that I expected it would. Surfing through my old docs on Google docs, I stumbled upon this text and decided to republish it. It has a different ending with more or less suffering at least on my side. And it has led to an even better perspective on my life. More on this later.


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