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A Sandstorm

Sometimes Life Is Like A Sandstorm

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
Life Is A Sandstorm

I was watching the latest BBC production of “Around The World In 80 Days” which you can see on iPlayer here if you are in the UK, and Phileas Fogg and Passepartout were stranded in “The Empty Quarter”, a concept or area that I have come across before in books by Daniel Easterman and Clive Barker. It is a place of nothingness, just sand dunes and nothing else, a place where you could be lost forever and you could lose your very soul.

Phileas Fogg and Passepartout had been abandoned by their guide who had also taken their camels and water, so they were in an awful state then they thought they saw people coming to their rescue, but they were wrong. Half mirage, but the full reality they were hit by a sandstorm without any shelter whatsoever. They tried to cover their mouths and clutched together to shelter each other but to little avail.

I thought this is often like life, we are going along reasonably on a decent path, and then, unexpectedly, something comes and hits us out of nowhere, and we have to protect ourselves from it in any way that we can. Often the solution is not there and we have to deal with things on the fly, but usually, we can arrange some protection or at least partial protection. It may not be perfect but it will keep us safe from whatever is a danger to us.

In the episode, Abigail Fix, who Fogg left behind “because she is a woman”, rescues both Fogg and Passepartout showing that your savior may be unexpected even if you don’t treat them with respect.

So a lesson to be learned is to be appreciative of people who are willing to stand up for you and to be there for you, because if you are in a total life sandstorm they may come through for you. Build as many bridges and connections as you can and cherish them, build them with love and affection and never assume that someone is unable to do things.

In my life, even to this day, people tell me “Oh I didn’t know you could ….” so I know I am often undervalued but with the best people get to show off and apply my talents to their benefit.

Sometimes I may be the rescuer in the sandstorm and sometimes I am the one who needs rescuing and we must all be in that situation in our lives a lot of the time. So make sure you prepare yourself for both situations. If you are hit by a sandstorm protect yourself as best you can, always have a backup just in case.

If someone you know is hit by a sandstorm be prepared to wade in and protect them, they may not be as prepared as you.

I was originally thinking this would be a poem because obviously, I couldn't write about an arbitrary sandstorm, but my lateral thinking brain and ability to go off on a tangent has let the words pour from my fingers on this.

This is on a day where I have shown some COVID symptoms, I personally think it is ‘flu’ but Fiona pointed out that I had some symptoms and as I am at risk I took the test and posted it off. The test was simple, but the registration and packing were an absolute nightmare. From my NHS Number, they should have all the information they need.

So Friday and Saturday has been my Sandstorm and I am protecting myself to the best of my ability. A lot of people are worried about me but they can rest easy, I will weather this.

The fact I have written this shows that I am getting back on track.


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    Mike Singleton - MikeydredWritten by Mike Singleton - Mikeydred

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